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Vietnam Caodaism – An Overview of One of the World’s Most Unusual Religions

Vietnam Caodaism is one of the most unusual religions in the world that has gained significant attention in recent years. A religion that combines elements of Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, the Caodaism religion has a unique perspective on the universe and the role human beings play in it. In this blog post, we will explore the origins, beliefs, practices, and modern-day significance of Vietnam Caodaism.

The Structure of Cao Dai
The Structure of Cao Dai  (Source: Collected)

The Origins of Vietnam Caodaism

Vietnam Caodaism was founded in the early 1920s by Ngo Van Chieu, a Vietnamese civil servant. Chieu claimed to have received visions of a universal religion from a deity named Cao Dai, who was a synthesis of other religions’ deities. He revealed Caodaism to a small group of followers who were convinced that this new religion had the power to unite all of humanity.

Beliefs of Vietnam Caodaism

Caodaism is a monotheistic religion that celebrates the divine oneness and the ultimate harmony of creation. It incorporates the teachings of many religions, including Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, and believes that all religious paths are valid as long as they lead to spiritual development and the betterment of humanity.

Practices of Vietnam Caodaism

Caodaists believe in the power of prayer, devotional music, and rituals involving specific symbols and colors associated with each deity. Every day at noon, Caodaists gather to pray, and every month, they hold a five-day-long special public ceremony where they perform rituals to honor their deities. Devotional music is an essential part of their practice, with Caodaists considering it an effective way to express emotions and connect with the divine.

Cao Dai beliefs
Cao Dai beliefs  (Source: Collected)

Modern-Day Significance of Vietnam Caodaism

Today, Caodaism is a rapidly growing religious movement worldwide, with many followers outside of Vietnam. In 1997, the Caodaist’s Holy See established its headquarter in Los Angeles to represent Caodaists worldwide. In Vietnam, Caodaism has over 4 million members and is recognized as one of the country’s four major religions. Many Caodaist monasteries and temples are open to the public, making it possible for anyone to observe their worship.


Vietnam Caodaism is a fascinating religion that draws from different spiritual traditions for its theological base. Its unique synthesis of different elements has drawn millions of followers worldwide and has gained many people’s interest. Whether you are looking to expand your religious understanding or just learn more about the world’s varied cultural traditions, Vietnam Caodaism is definitely worth exploring.

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