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“Phuoc Thinh Group Co .,Ltđ” is in the corporate sector with the mission of “To Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations, Both Efficiently and Cost Effectively, By Providing Unique Travel Services”. This is an company with over 8 years of Travel & Tourism industry experience of the executive team.

Sao La Vietnam Tours has an entrepreneurial approach and an independent Travel Management Company, who caters to an extensive range of clientele in Vietnam. The management is adroitly supported by a team of service-oriented and professional staff, extending personalized services and packages to the individual traveler and Group alike. We offer our services for Event Management, Domestic & Inbound Tours, International Tours, Ground Transportation, Travel Insurance, Air Ticketing & Hotel Bookings.

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Trang - Tracy

Hanoi, Vietnam

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Sơn - Henry

Hanoi, Vietnam

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Send us a note, tell us what type of travel experience you are looking for, and we'll suggest experienced ideas on the best places to visit in Vietnam, give you honest opinions about destinations, hotels and activities, and put together a free custom itinerary.

We are independent, and choose to only work with quality hotels, knowledgeable guides, and quality local companies. We are highly rated by our clients for a reason.

You don't join a group tour, we sit down with you (via Skype, Viber or phone) to plan an custom itinerary based on your parameters, desires and interests. We’ll give you our honest, experienced suggestions based on your interests, and you are in control of exactly how you want to spend each day.
Your time is precious, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice it or share it. Your itinerary will be your own, with your own private guide. Some daily activities may join other group tours to meet locals and other travelers, and will be explicit when making your itinerary.
You’ll have your own private experienced guide for the duration of your trip, to get you from place to place, work the details along the way, and provide insights and personal knowledge of the country and culture. You can decide how involved you would like your guide to be.  We hire only the best local people as they are key to ensuring you have a fantastic experience.
From your initial planning until the moment you finish your trip, you’ll have a personal, local consultant in Vietnam to rely on, whose only goal is you being happy with every aspect of your trip.


With 8 years of experience planning holidays for people from all over the world, we know and can suggest a seemingly endless list of options for you to choose from. We know the best places to visit in Vietnam, the best hotels (and those to avoid) no matter what your budget and style, the best foods and local restaurants, the nooks and crannies-places to visit, activities, restaurants, transportation, and more. We will never recommend a hotel, restaurant or activity because it is more convenient or profitable for us.



Other companies offer private, custom tours. But one of the main reasons we started this business was because we care about people really enjoying their vacation/holiday, and experiencing the country. No matter who you choose, make sure they have your best interest at heart. Send us an inquiry, speak with Trang, and see for yourself.



Caring means paying attention to every detail, which we take pride in. We plan and book everything from when you arrive to when you leave-hotels, in-tour flights and transportation, activities and many meals. In planning every activity in your itinerary, choosing only the best guides, following up as weather changes, making sure everyone will be happy and every concern is anticipated. We’ll give you tips for packing and preparing for your trip as well and answer all of your questions.


Travel planning is not expensive. Costs are based on your choices of accommodation and travel, etc-we can book luxury resorts or budget hotels, and only charge a modest percentage for the service and value we add. We look for and negotiate the best prices on your hotels, activities, transportation, etc. And Sao La Tours is not beholden to any vendor.


Where you go, what you experience - Types of destinations, countries, activities
How you travel - Quick plane, scenic bus, flexible car, or nostalgic and inexpensive train
Pace - Slow and relaxed, or make sure you see it all
Number of days - 6 days, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or anything in-between
Type of lodging experience - From homestays to 5-Star
Food - From popular tourist cafes, to top rated, to “keep my taste buds in suspense”, to 5-Star
Guide - Someone to narrate the whole trip, or just take care of logistics
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It’s like having a friend in Vietnam to help plan your vacation!

To get started, if you have an idea of what you want to see and do, read our Sample Itineraries. These are just ideas—many people will find one that appeals to them as a base, from which you can personalize with your own interests by speaking with our local travel expert.

If youre not sure where to go and what to do, start by reading About Vietnam, Destinations Vietnam, where we give you our own thoughts and experiences about each area. After familiarizing yourself with the areas, check out some of Sao La Tours sample itineraries and one might start to appeal to you. Then send us an inquiry!

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