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Discovering the Mysteries of the Mekong Delta: A Blissful Journey

The Mekong Delta is one of the most prominent and scenic regions in Vietnam. It is known for its vast network of canals, tropical coconut trees, quaint fishing villages, and floating markets that make it an idyllic destination for adventurers and travel enthusiasts. Located in the southern part of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta stretches over an area of about 40,000 sq. km and encompasses several provinces. If you're planning a trip to Vietnam or want to know more about what the Mekong Delta has to offer, then read on to discover the beauty and mystique of this heavenly place.

Can Tho Market
Can Tho Floating Market (Source: Collected)

Explore the Floating Markets

One of the most vibrant and unique attractions of the Mekong Delta is its floating markets. These are not just tourist spots but actual bustling markets where locals come to sell their produce and goods. You can take a boat trip and visit some of the most amazing markets such as the Cai Rang and Phong Dien markets. Experience the cultural diversity that this place has to offer, and buy exotic fruits, local delicacies, and souvenirs.

Visit the Coconut Candy Factories

The Mekong Delta is known for its delicacies, and one of the most popular treats is the coconut candy. These candies are produced in traditional factories by local family businesses, and you can witness the process from start to finish. You'll learn how the coconuts are extracted and turned into delicious treats. Enjoy a free sample or two of freshly made coconut candies while observing the beautiful scenery of the Mekong Delta.

Discover the Lush Countryside

The Mekong Delta is known for its lush countryside and rich biodiversity. Get up close with nature, and take a bicycle ride through the green rice fields and tranquil villages. Visit some of the most charming places like Tan Phong Island, which is a quiet countryside retreat located on the Mekong River, and experience the slow and peaceful pace of life.

The Mekong Delta - Vinh Long
The Mekong Delta - Vinh Long (Source: Collected)

Take a River Cruise

When in the Mekong Delta, a river cruise is a must-do activity. Take a relaxing and scenic boat ride and witness the beauty of the Delta. The river flows through picturesque landscapes, and you'll be amazed by the natural beauty of the region. A river cruise is a perfect way to unwind and experience this heavenly place.

Enjoy Fresh Seafood

Being a river delta, the Mekong Delta, is a perfect place to indulge in fresh and delicious seafood. From succulent prawns, grilled fish, to the famous Vietnamese spring rolls, you'll find some of the most authentic and mouth-watering treats here. Some of the best places to try them are The One and Only Restaurant and Cafe, Homecruise, and The MeKong Rustic.


The Mekong Delta is one of the most fascinating and unique destinations in Vietnam. From the vibrant floating markets to the idyllic countryside, there's so much to explore and experience. It's a picture-perfect place that offers something for everyone, whether you're a culture seeker, foodie, or nature lover. So, if you're planning a trip to Vietnam, do not miss out on the chance to discover the mystique and charm of the Mekong Delta.

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