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Best Sapa Vietnam tours and popular things to do in Sapa

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
Sapa Vietnam tours will give you a one-of-a-kind experience. Let’s find out the most famous attractions and popular things to do in Sapa.

Sapa Vietnam tours will give you a one-of-a-kind experience as you discover the high mountain ranges, spectacular terraced rice fields and colorful villages of the ethnic tribes. As opposed to the bustling and frenetic vibes of the major cities in Vietnam, Sapa offers travelers with a tranquil atmosphere, fresh air, thick mist, picturesque scenery etc. Let’s check out the best Sapa tours in Vietnam with Sao La Tours!

Where to visit in Sapa, Vietnam?

Sapa is a small mountainous town where you can find many hill tribe villages of Xa Pho, Tay, Zay, Yao and Hmong people. If you’re wondering where to visit in Sapa, these top attractions will be great suggestions for your upcoming trip to Sapa:

Muong Hoa Valley

You can reach this valley after traveling for about 10 kilometers Sapa. It’s an emerald green valley that has to offer magnificent scenery of seemingly endless rice paddies and fascinating villages of Tay, Ta Van or Hmong ethnic tribes.

Muong Hoa valley with seemingly endless rice paddies - Sapa Vietnam tours

Muong Hoa valley with seemingly endless rice paddies (Source: Collected)

Fansipan Mount

Visit Fansipan Mount, which is also known as “the Roof of Indochina” thanks to its astonishing height of 3.143m. If you’re an adventurous traveler, conquering the peak of Mount Fansipan will make your trip much more exciting. However, you can still easily reach the Fansipan peak by traveling in a cable car.

Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin village is the home to the Hmong and Red Dzao ethnic tribes. These are the few ethnic groups that still preserve their ancestors’ customs and traditions. When visiting Ta Phin village, you’ll have a chance to observe a working day of the locals, learn about their daily lifestyles, stay overnight at a traditional house or have a quality time relaxing in a medicine bath.

Silver waterfall

Thac Bac (also known as “Silver waterfall” in English) is among the most amazing waterfalls that Sapa has to offer. Along the road connecting the Silver Waterfall, travelers usually want to stop by and take lots of pictures of the scenic views along the way. afar, Thac Bac gives the look of a stunning white dragon that looks down the sky.

Climb up the Silver waterfall during Sapa Vietnam tours

Climb up the Silver waterfall during Sapa Vietnam tours (Source: Collected)

Tram Ton Pass

Tram Ton pass is at 1.900m height, which is also the highest mountain pass of the country. Tram Ton pass links Sapa with Lai Chau province. There’s a special thing about this pass, as it divides two totally different climatic zones: with Lai Chau being warm and sunny while Sapa being cold and misty.

What to do while you’re in Sapa?

While visiting Sapa, there’s a wide range of interesting activities waiting for you to take part in:

  • Go trekking and visit the small villages of the ethnic minorities

  • Sample the signature dishes of Sapa such as salmon or horse hot pot

  • Ride a cable car to reach Fansipan peak

  • Go on a hiking trip to visit the Love Waterfall

  • Visit the Silver Waterfall (Thac Bac)

  • Stay overnight at the traditional houses of the hill tribe villages

  • Visit the Sapa Museum

Learn more about the history of Sapa at Sapa museum

Learn more about the history of Sapa at Sapa museum (Source: Collected)

Best Sapa Vietnam tours for an authentic experience

Sapa trekking (3 Days)

During this three-day trip, travelers will get to see many villages of the ethnic minorities in Muong Hoa Valley. Have an in-depth knowledge about the lifestyle, cuisine, culture of Giay, Red Dzao, Hmong and other ethnic tribes as you go on a trekking adventure to discover different villages such as Nam Tong, Ban Ho, Su Pan, Giang Ta Chai, Ta Van, Y Linh Ho or Cat Cat.

Sapa adventure (6 Days)

Trek through Sapa and explore different hill tribe villages and learn more about their daily lives. Go to off-the-beaten-path and less touristy areas and enjoy the wonderful sight of Hoang Lien Mountain and Muong Hoa Valley. Stay overnight at a stilt house at Sin Chai village to experience the local lifestyle.

Stay at the traditional house of ethnic minority on Sapa Vietnam tours

Stay at the traditional house of ethnic minority on Sapa Vietnam tours (Source: Collected)

Sapa To Ba Be National Park (5 Days)

Go on an adventurous trekking Sapa to the famous Ba Be National Park. This 5-day trip is a perfect choice for travelers who love taking part in outdoor activities. Explore different terrain and landscape as you hike through the caves, waterfalls, rivers, lakes and terraced rice fields.

You’ll also have a great experience at a cozy homestay in Ban Ho village. Meet up with the locals like Day and Dzao ethnic tribes and sample their traditional foods. Then, head to Ba Be National Park and for a full day trek. Go on a boat trip along Ba Be Lake or have a swim for a quick cool off.

Sapa biking tour (1 Day)

During this 1-day tour, you will travel by bicycle downhill to reach Sapa valley, where you can meet up with the Black Hmong people in Su Pan village and get to know more about their culture. Continue your journey to visit other hill tribes villages such as Ban Ho village of Tay people and Nam Toong village of Red Dzao ethnic minority. Admire the picturesque sights of the rice fields and high mountains along the way.

Go on a Sapa biking tour to explore the hidden gems of Sapa

Go on a Sapa biking tour to explore the hidden gems of Sapa (Source: Collected)

Do you want to check out for more Sapa Vietnam tours? Don’t forget to visit our website at Saolatours dot com to browse detailed Sapa tour programs. You can also send us an email, fill our enquiry form or call us directly at (+84) 24.668.999.11. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a thoroughly-planned and customized tour itinerary.

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