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10 Cruises in Halong Bay for an Incredible Experience

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
Halong Bay, Vietnam, has gained a reputation as one of the most breathtaking natural wonders of the world. Hundreds of towering limestone islands and islets rising up the emerald waters offer a truly surreal sight. One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Halong Bay is to embark on a cruise. The range of cruises available varies massively, affordable to luxury, and 1 to 4 nights. Here are 10 cruises in Halong Bay that offer an incredible experience.

da long bay - Bhaya Classic Cruise

Discover paradise in every moment. aboard Bhaya Classic Cruises. (Source: Collected)

Bhaya Classic Cruise:

With only a maximum of 20 cabins, the Bhaya Classic Cruise offers an intimate, comfortable cruise with exceptional food, service, and activities. Take part in tai chi on the top deck, lounge in the onboard library, or kayak around the limestone pillars for stunning views.

Halong Bay White Dolphin Cruise

Discover breathtaking views and inner peace on the emerald waters of Ha Long bay. #halong bay vietnam (Source: Collected)

Halong Bay White Dolphin Cruise:

Perfect for those on a tight budget, this affordable cruise is still full of fun, including scenic kayaking trips, cooking classes, and movie nights on the upper deck.

da long bay - Starlight Cruise Halong Bay

Starlight Cruise Halong Bay in ha long bay. (Source: Collected)

Starlight Cruise Halong Bay:

A luxurious option, the Starlight Cruise offers a range of modern cabins, each with a private balcony, and plenty of relaxing communal areas. Enjoy sunset yoga on the top deck, squid fishing under the stars, and delicious Vietnamese cuisine on board.

da long bay - Signature Cruise Halong Bay

A Halong Bay adventure awaits. azure waters below, jagged peaks rising high. (Source: Collected)

Signature Cruise Halong Bay:

Get the ultimate Halong Bay experience with the 3-day, 2-night Signature Cruise. Enjoy a unique itinerary packed with fun activities, such as cycling on Cat Ba Island, swimming in secluded lagoons, and visits to pearl farms and fishing villages.

Emperor Cruises Halong Bay

Let Emperor Cruises be your guide as you discover hidden caves, limestone islands, and unique floating villages. (Source: Collected)

Emperor Cruises Halong Bay:

This lavish, all-inclusive cruise offers premium cabins with private balconies, along with delicious cuisine and top-notch service. When you’re not sunbathing or swimming, you can take part in a cooking class, visit the Sung Sot Cave, or try your hand at night squid fishing.

da long bay - Paradise Luxury Cruise

The wonders of Halong unfold before your eyes. A paradise found in intricate limestone isles rising from emerald waters. Adventure calls, discovery awaits. Let the Paradise take you there. (Source: Collected)

Paradise Luxury Cruise:

Paradise Luxury Cruise is a magnificent 4-star Halong Bay cruise for those who want a little luxury. Take a Tai Chi lesson at sunrise or unwind with a massage, enjoy the all-you-can-eat international buffet breakfast, and take advantage of the fully stocked bar, offering the finest local and international wines.

Gray Line Halong Bay

Dive into an aquatic paradise with Gray Line Halong Bay! Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking wonders of Halong Bay. (Source: Collected)

Gray Line Halong Bay:

If you’re looking to embrace Vietnamese culture, this budget-friendly cruise is perfect. Activities include cooking classes, Tai Chi sessions, and a visit to a local fishing village to immerse yourself in Vietnamese life.

Jasmine Cruise Halong Bay

Embark on a journey of pure wonder through the enchanting waters of Halong Bay with Jasmine Cruise Halong Bay. (Source: Collected)

Jasmine Cruise Halong Bay:

Enjoy a more traditional Vietnamese wooden junk boat with the Jasmine Cruise. Embrace the country’s culture and relax in the elegant cabins. Keep active with Tai Chi lessons on the sundeck, or kayak and swim around the many lagoons.

da long bay - Paradise Peak Cruise

Exploring Halong Bay’s hidden treasures. Secret lagoons, beaches and caves—all revealed on Paradise Peak.(Source: Collected)

Paradise Peak Cruise:

Get an excellent 5-star experience on board the Paradise Peak Cruise. You’ll be treated to a spa with sauna and jacuzzi, a private dining room, and separate relaxation areas for optimum relaxation. Join a Tai Chi session or cooking class, and enjoy the stunning natural landmarks of Halong Bay.

Pelican Cruise Halong Bay

Discover paradise found.  A seafaring adventure awaits in Halong Bay. #da long bay (Source: Collected)

Pelican Cruise Halong Bay:

For those on a budget, Pelican Cruise offers extensive facilities and fantastic onboard activity options to make your time on the water unforgettable. Sail around stunning rock formations and beautiful caves, and enjoy the sunset with some Tai Chi sessions.

Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and what better way to see it than on a cruise? No matter what your budget or preferences, any of these 10 cruises in Halong Bay will provide you with an incredible experience. So, what are you waiting for? Book your Halong Bay cruise now and experience the breathtaking beauty of this natural wonder!

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