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Family Tour and Travel in Vietnam: Have the Best Family Experience

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
We will cover everything about the family tour and travel in Vietnam so that you can make the most out of your time in this amazing Southeast Asian nation!

Family Tour and Travel in Vietnam: What to Know to Have the Best Family Experience

Vietnam is a beautiful and exciting country that offers an incredible array of experiences for families. vibrant cities to stunning natural landscapes, there’s something here for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an action-packed adventure or simply wish to relax in luxury, Vietnam has it all. But before you embark on your family tour and travel in Vietnam, there are some things you should know to make sure your trip runs smoothly and is as enjoyable as possible. In this blog post, we will cover everything about the family tour and travel in Vietnam so that you can make the most out of your time in this amazing Southeast Asian nation!

Family Tour and Travel in Vietnam: Choose Your Destination Carefully

Choose Your Destination Carefully (Source: Collected)


1. Choose Your Destination Carefully

When planning a family tour and travel in Vietnam, it’s important to choose your destination carefully. Depending on the age of your children, you may want to opt for something more child-friendly such as the coastal city of Da Nang or the bustling Ho Chi Minh City.

For those looking for a unique experience, consider visiting Sapa or Mui Ne - both offer incredible natural beauty and plenty of opportunities for exploration!

No matter where you decide to go, be sure to do your research about what activities are available for families and make sure you have an itinerary planned out.

Family Tour and Travel in Vietnam: Consider Staying in Family Friendly Accommodation

Consider Staying in Family Friendly Accommodation (Source: Collected)


2. Accommodation Options

When it comes to accommodation options, there is something to suit every budget in Vietnam. Families can choose high-end resorts with all the amenities, budget hotels, guesthouses, and even homestays if they wish to experience local life. For those traveling with young children who require extra care and attention or supervision, there are also childcare services available in some areas so that parents can enjoy their holiday too! Be sure to check online reviews before booking any accommodation to make sure it meets your needs.

Consider Staying in Family Friendly Accommodation

When traveling with children, it is important to make sure that accommodation is family-friendly and safe. Many hotels offer special packages for families which include extra amenities such as cots, high chairs, and kids' clubs.

If you are traveling on a budget, consider looking for family-run guesthouses or homestays as they often offer great value for money.

3. Consider Public Transportation

Getting around Vietnam is easy and convenient thanks to its extensive public transportation network.

air-conditioned buses and trains that run between major cities, electric bicycles for shorter distances, and even cyclos (rickshaws) – there’s a reliable way of getting A to B no matter where you’re going! This is an affordable option that allows families to explore different parts of the country without breaking the bank.

Family Tour and Travel in Vietnam: Learn About Local Cuisine

Learn About Local Cuisine (Source: Collected)


4. Learn About Local Cuisine

No family trip would be complete without sampling the local cuisine – Vietnamese food is renowned worldwide for its flavourful dishes and exotic ingredients! Whether you opt for street food stalls serving up delicious banh mi sandwiches or visit one of Hanoi’s upscale restaurants, there are many options available when it comes to eating out in Vietnam.

If traveling with picky eaters who don’t like spicy food then don’t worry – most restaurants will tailor dishes according to individual tastes! Be sure to ask about ingredients beforehand if any members of your party have allergies or dietary restrictions that need accommodating too.

5. Explore Different Activities & Attractions

UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Halong Bay and Hoi An Ancient Town to natural wonders like Phong Nha Cave and Cuc Phuong National Park – there are plenty of exciting activities and attractions on offer when traveling around Vietnam as a family!

Consider going kayaking at Vung Tau Beach or trying a cooking class together in Hoi An – whatever it is that interests you most about this vibrant country there’s no shortage of things you can do together during your stay here!

6. Understand Cultural Differences & Etiquette Tips

It is important when traveling abroad in any country that you understand cultural differences so as not to offend anyone while also respecting local customs and traditions wherever possible!

In Vietnam, this means being aware of things like dress code expectations (women should cover up shoulders/knees), taking off shoes when entering temples/religious sites (and covering heads if necessary) as well as avoiding public displays of affection such as kissing/holding hands in certain areas where this might not be appropriate behavior!

7. Make Sure You Pack the Right Things

Before setting off on your trip, make sure that everyone in your party has all the necessary items packed. This includes passports and visas, mobile phones, medicines, and any other essential items.

It’s also important to remember that Vietnam has a tropical climate so you may need to pack light clothing such as shorts, t-shirts, and sandals.

Family Tour and Travel in Vietnam: Get Travel Insurance & Prepare for Emergencies

Get Travel Insurance & Prepare for Emergencies (Source: Collected)


8. Get Travel Insurance & Prepare for Emergencies

No matter how well prepared you think you are for traveling abroad with your family – accidents or unforeseen circumstances can always happen which is why it pays off to invest in travel insurance before leaving home!

Make sure everyone has adequate coverage so that if anything does go wrong during your stay in Vietnam then at least financial issues won’t be something else added onto an already stressful situation! It may also be beneficial to carry some basic first aid supplies just in case too, better safe than sorry after all!

Keep Your First Aid Kit Ready

Having a first aid kit with all the necessary medical supplies can be very helpful if anyone falls ill or has an accident during your trip. Make sure to pack a basic kit with items such as painkillers, antiseptic creams, and bandages – these can be very useful in case of emergency.

By following the above tips Sao La Tours, you should have no trouble making the most out of your family tour and travel in Vietnam. With careful planning and preparation, you’ll be sure to have a wonderful time exploring this beautiful country! Good luck with your family tour and travel in Vietnam! Have a fantastic time!

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