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Hanoi: Vietnam's Vibrant Tourism Hub

Posted By: Jennie Brent / Vietnam Travel Guides
Vietnam Tourism Hanoi -Explore the enchanting city of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Immerse yourself in its rich history, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine. Discover iconic landmarks like Hoan Kiem Lake, the Temple of Literature, and the Old Quarter. Experience the charm of Hanoi through its bustling markets, traditional street food, and breathtaking landscapes. Uncover the hidden gems of Vietnam's tourism scene in Hanoi.

Top Tourist Attractions in Hanoi, Vietnam

Vietnam, with its rich history and diverse culture, is a popular destination for travelers around the world. One of the must-visit cities in Vietnam is Hanoi, the country's capital. Hanoi offers a blend of ancient traditions and modern attractions, making it a city that appeals to all types of travelers. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Hanoi that you should not miss during your visit.

Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi - (Source: Collected)

Hoan Kiem Lake: A Serene Oasis in the Heart of Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake, located in the heart of Hanoi, is a picturesque and peaceful oasis in the bustling city. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery and dotted with historic pagodas and temples. The most iconic attraction on the lake is the Huc Bridge, which leads to the Ngoc Son Temple sitting on a small island. Taking a leisurely stroll around the lake or renting a paddleboat to explore the calm waters is a perfect way to escape the city's hustle and bustle.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: Paying Tribute to Vietnam's Revolutionary Leader

The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is a significant landmark in Hanoi, honoring the country's revolutionary leader, Ho Chi Minh. The imposing mausoleum is where Ho Chi Minh's preserved body lies in state. Visitors can pay their respects and learn more about his life and contributions to Vietnam's independence. The mausoleum is surrounded by beautiful gardens and is an important symbol of the nation's history.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi, Vietnam - (Source: Collected)

Temple of Literature: Exploring Vietnam's Oldest University

The Temple of Literature, built in 1070, is Vietnam's oldest university and a place of great historical importance. The temple honors Confucius and many renowned scholars of Vietnamese history. The architecture and design of the temple reflect traditional Vietnamese style, with beautiful courtyards, pavilions, and enchanting gardens. It is not only a historical attraction but also a peaceful and serene place to wander and soak in the rich culture of Vietnam.

Old Quarter: A Window into Hanoi's History

The Old Quarter is a vibrant and bustling neighborhood in Hanoi, known for its narrow streets, colorful shop houses, and bustling markets. Exploring the Old Quarter is a must-do for any visitor to Hanoi. Each street in the Old Quarter specializes in a specific trade, such as silk, silver, or shoes. It's a paradise for shopaholics and a great place to try street food like pho and banh mi, which are iconic Vietnamese dishes.

Exploring Old Quarter: A Must-Do in Hanoi, Vietnam

The Old Quarter is the heart and soul of Hanoi, offering a glimpse into the city's rich history and vibrant culture. With its narrow streets and bustling markets, it is a must-do for any visitor to Hanoi. Here are some of the key highlights of exploring the Old Quarter.

Street Markets: A Shopper's Paradise

The Old Quarter is famous for its vibrant street markets, where you can find everything from clothing and accessories to souvenirs and street food. The Dong Xuan Market, one of the oldest and largest markets in Hanoi, is a treasure trove of local goods and is a must-visit for shoppers. The night market along Hang Dao Street comes alive after sunset, offering a fantastic shopping experience under the glow of colorful lights.

Hanoi old quarter, Vietnam

Hanoi old quarter, Vietnam - (Source: Collected)

Temple of Bach Ma: A Moment of Tranquility

Nestled in the heart of the Old Quarter, the Temple of Bach Ma is dedicated to the White Horse, a symbol of Hanoi's foundation. The temple's entrance is adorned with intricate carvings and offers a peaceful escape from the chaos of the city. Inside, you'll find a tranquil courtyard with beautiful architecture and sculptures. It's a perfect spot to take a break, admire the surroundings, and soak in the spiritual atmosphere.

Taste of Hanoi: Street Food Delights

Exploring the Old Quarter is incomplete without indulging in the incredible street food that Hanoi has to offer. From sizzling grilled meat skewers to steaming bowls of pho, you'll find a wide variety of delicious dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. Some must-try street food spots include Bun Cha Huong Lien, famous for its grilled pork and noodle dish, and Banh Mi 25, a small eatery serving mouthwatering Vietnamese baguette sandwiches.

Traditional Vietnamese Cuisine: A Food lover's Guide for Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is renowned for its rich culinary tradition and mouthwatering dishes. From street food stalls to high-end restaurants, the city offers a plethora of dining options that will delight any food lover. Here's a guide to traditional Vietnamese cuisine in Hanoi.

Pho: Vietnam's Iconic Noodle Soup

No visit to Vietnam is complete without trying the country's most famous dish, pho. This aromatic noodle soup is made with beef or chicken, fragrant herbs, and rice noodles. Pho Gia Truyen in the Old Quarter is a popular spot to sample this iconic dish, known for its rich broth and tender slices of beef or chicken. Savor the flavors and textures as you slurp on this comforting bowl of goodness.

Bun Cha: Grilled Pork with Noodles and Herbs

Bun Cha is a delicious and hearty dish that originated in Hanoi. It consists of grilled pork patties served with rice noodles, fresh herbs, and a tangy dipping sauce. One of the most famous spots to enjoy this local delicacy is Bun Cha Dac Kim. Sit down amidst the bustling streets and savor the smoky flavors of grilled meat combined with the freshness of Vietnamese herbs.

Vietnam Foods: Bun Cha (Grilled Pork with Noodles and Herbs) 

Vietnam Foods: Bun Cha (Grilled Pork with Noodles and Herbs) - (Source: Collected)

Egg Coffee: A Unique Hanoi Specialty

Hanoi is also known for its unique coffee culture. One must-try is the famous egg coffee, a sweet and creamy concoction made with egg yolks, condensed milk, and strong Vietnamese coffee. Giang Cafe in the Old Quarter is where this specialty originated, and it continues to serve the best egg coffee in town. Enjoy the rich and velvety texture of this unique drink while immersing yourself in the charming ambiance of the cafe.

With its top tourist attractions, historic sites, bustling streets, and delicious cuisine, Hanoi offers a truly unforgettable travel experience. Whether you're a history buff, a food lover, or simply seeking to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Vietnam, Hanoi is sure to captivate you with its charm and beauty.


Overall, Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, offers a myriad of attractions and experiences for tourists. Vietnam travel companies provide excellent services in arranging tours that showcase the best of Hanoi and the surrounding regions. There are numerous places to visit in Vietnam, from the picturesque landscapes of Halong Bay to the historical sites in Hue. Incorporating a visit to Cambodia, such as in a Vietnam Cambodia itinerary of 10 days, adds an extra layer of cultural richness to your journey. Whether you choose to explore the bustling streets of Hanoi, embark on a touren Hanoi, or venture out to other breathtaking destinations, a trip to Vietnam promises unforgettable memories and experiences.

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