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Is Vietnam a safe place for vacation? Sao La Tours FAQ

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
Is Vietnam a safe place for vacation? Find out the warnings and risks, Do’s and Don’ts while visiting Vietnam for a safe and memorable vacation.

Vietnam has become more and more famous worldwide in recent years and it’s among the bucket-list destinations of many travelers. However, there are still some concerns regarding this country, such as: “Is Vietnam a safe place for vacation?”. If you’re wondering the same thing, read the following information to help relieve your worries.

Is Vietnam a safe place for vacation?

Nowadays, Vietnam is one of the most attractive tourist countries in the world. Nevertheless, some people are still concerned about the security situation of the country. In general, there’s rarely any violent crime in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s political system is single party and the overall political situation of the country is always under control. However if you happen to encounter any protests, which don’t occur very often, it’s best to avoid getting involved.

If you’re a tourist, you should only be worried about petty crime including cell phone thieves, bag snatchers or pickpockets. You can easily avoid any possible misunderstandings or disagreements by showing kindness and courtesy towards the Vietnamese. This way your vacation will go smoothly as planned.

Many travelers are wondering: “Is Vietnam a safe place for vacation”

Many travelers are wondering: “Is Vietnam a safe place for vacation” (Source: Collected)

Warnings and risks in Vietnam to be aware of

Vietnam is a quite safe country for travelers. Tourism is one of the main sectors that generate the main source of income for the country. Therefore the safety of the tourists is the main priority of the Government. Although the overall risk in Vietnam is considered quite low, there are still some warnings you might want to consider:

Scams risk

Sometimes you may encounter taxis that charge higher prices than usual as their cars use modified meters. To avoid getting scammed by taxi drivers, it’s recommended to use booking apps such as Grab, FastGo, MyGo, Be etc. or choose reliable taxi companies such as Vinasun, Phuong Trang, Mai Linh and so on. Another common scam is the buses suddenly out of order and tourists have to pay a lot of money to stay at low-quality hotels while waiting for the bus to be repaired.

Apart from the scams risk you may encounter while getting around in Vietnam, there are also some other types of scams such as getting overcharged by accommodation owners, bus drivers, street vendors, being asked for money after taking pictures with strangers or getting tricked into buying fake products.

Taxi scams in Vietnam are quite common

Taxi scams in Vietnam are quite common (Source: Collected)

Road travel risk

Road travel in Vietnam is not very safe. You may find it difficult when crossing the roads, as the streets are nearly always crowded with vehicles. The best way to maintain safety is to keep calm and not to make any unexpected movements while trying to get to the other side of the road.

If you’re going on a motorbike tour, be sure to bring the international driving license and driving permit with you during the trip. It’s advisable to travel by motorbikes with an experienced local tour guide to minimize the risk of road traffic accidents.

Pickpockets risk

Bag snatchers and pickpockets are still one of the major problems in Vietnam. Be sure to keep a close eye on your belongings while walking along the side of the roads. Don’t wear too much jewelry and keep your valuables safe by putting them in a security deposit box provided by your hotel.

Pickpockets is still one of the major problems in Vietnam

Pickpockets is still one of the major problems in Vietnam (Source: Collected)

Natural disasters risk

The months between May and January are the most likely times where there are natural threats in Vietnam. The most common natural disasters include occasional typhoons, earthquakes (very rare and with low magnitude), extensive flooding (especially in central Vietnam). The typhoons and storms happen occasionally, however they can cause damages up to millions of dollars. If you’re traveling to Vietnam during the months of high-risk natural disasters, don’t forget to listen to the news and do as instructed by the local authorities.

Extensive floods can occur in the Centre of Vietnam

Extensive floods can occur in the Centre of Vietnam (Source: Collected)

Do’s and Don’ts while visiting Vietnam

Although the answer to the question “Is Vietnam a safe place for vacation” is a yes, you should also check out the small but useful tips about what to do and not to do when visiting the country:

Do’s in Vietnam:

  • It’s important to scan and save electronic files of your travel documents before leaving your country. The documents usually include: vaccination record, travel insurance, visas, flight tickets and passport.

  • It’s advisable not to show off too much of your skin, especially if you’re a girl. Try to dress more conservatively when you visit historical or religious sites.

  • Always carry ID with you, this is a must for both locals and foreign tourists.

  • Ask the price and get a fixed price before buying or ordering anything.

  • Ask before taking photos of the locals.

Don’ts in Vietnam:

  • Remember to close your bags and only use cellphones if necessary.

  • Taking photos of military equipment and installations is forbidden

  • Avoid showing physical affection between partners in public places

Do’s and Don’ts when visiting Vietnam for a safe vacation

Do’s and Don’ts when visiting Vietnam for a safe vacation (Source: Collected)

The shortest answer to your question: “Is Vietnam a safe place for vacation” is yes, Vietnam is a relatively safe country to travel. Of course, there are still some risks that tourists might have to face while going on vacation in Vietnam, such as scams, bag-snatching or traffic jams. Nevertheless, these problems are being improved day by day as the Government works hard to make the country a safer place for tourists.

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