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Top 10+ Best Vietnam tourist places (updates for 2023)

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
Vietnam tourist places are numerous. Find out top 10+ best destinations in Vietnam, including natural wonders, historical sites and monuments etc.

Vietnam tourist places are numerous, giving you a hard time deciding which destination to add to your travel itinerary. This beautiful Southeast Asian country has to offer a myriad of natural wonders, historical sites, important monuments as well as cultural buildings. Let’s make your trip worthwhile with our list of must-visit tourist attractions in Vietnam.

Top 3 Vietnam tourist places for honeymooners

Halong Bay

Enjoy the astonishing beauty of Halong Bay - a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO. You can go on a boat trip and discover the karst seascape along with many limestone islands in different shapes and sizes within Halong Bay. During the overnight tour with your partner, stop by to discover amazing caves such as Hang Sung Sot or Hang Dau Go.

Da Lat

Da Lat boasts pleasant cool weather all year round. Moreover, it’s also known as the “Valley of love” thanks to the mystery mist, mighty waterfalls, colorful flower fields and lush pine groves. In the past, this city was used as a summer retreat for the Vietnamese emperors. Nowadays, honeymooners all around the world come to Dalat for an ultimate getaway experience. Here you can visit the “Crazy House” - an unique and interesting attraction.

Da Lat is considered a tourist heaven for honeymooners

Da Lat is considered a tourist heaven for honeymooners (Source: Collected)

Phu Quoc island

Immerse yourself in the stunning seascapes of Phu Quoc island. Here you can enjoy white sandy beaches and emerald green waters. This island is located in southern Vietnam, with warm and sunny weather all year round. It’s always a great time for you to have a dip the fresh waters or sample delicious local seafood.

Best Vietnam tourist places for adventure seekers

My Son

My Son is a famous tourist destination situated on the central coast of the country. During the Champa dynasty, this archaeological complex used to be an important religious center. This is where over 70 temples were built for the purpose of worshiping Shiva - the God in Hindu religion.

My Son is a famous archaeological complex in Quang Nam, Vietnam

My Son is a famous archaeological complex in Quang Nam, Vietnam (Source: Collected)

Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park

Another headline tourist place in Vietnam is Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. This is where you can find Son Dong Cave - one of the largest caves in the world. You might be quite disappointed to hear that it’s quite expensive to enter Hang Son Doong (up to $3000 for a tour). However, there are still many other interesting caves as well as above-ground attractions within Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park.

Ba Be National Park

Go for an off-the-beaten-track experience and head to Ba Be National Park. Here the adventure seekers will definitely have a wonderful time exploring limestone mountains, deep valleys and thick forests. This national park is also home to hundreds of fauna species such as pangolins, bears, monkeys and even the endangered Vietnamese salamander.

Must-visit Vietnam tourist places for history buffs


the 19th to the beginning of 20th centuries, Hue was the capital city of Vietnam. Today, this city is a famous destination in Vietnam thanks to its many tourist attractions, among which the Imperial City, where they built royal palaces, temples and the emperor’s residence. There are also lots of magnificent royal tombs, impressive pagodas along with peaceful natural backgrounds.

Hue is one of the most famous tourist places in Vietnam

Hue is one of the most famous tourist places in Vietnam (Source: Collected)

Cu Chi Tunnels

Visiting Cu Chi Tunnels is a great way to deepen your knowledge of history. It’s a complex tunnel network used by Viet Cong troops during the war to secretly communicate and operate. The tunnels are considerably narrow and visitors usually have to crawl on their hands and knees. Cu Chi Tunnels are accessible Ben Duoc village or Ben Dinh village.

Sapa countryside

Sapa is surrounded by the seemingly endless rice fields, with Hoang Lien mountain ranges bordering. The beautiful valleys in Sapa are where various ethnic tribes are living, Red Dzao to Giay, Hmong and so on.

Sapa is one of the most renowned places in Vietnam for trekking. Here you’ll get a chance to discover the unique lifestyle of the ethnic minorities, sample local dishes and enjoy the spectacular mountain views.

Sapa is one of the most renowned tourist places in Vietnam for trekking

Sapa is one of the most renowned tourist places in Vietnam for trekking (Source: Collected)

Best Vietnam tourist places for city lovers


Hanoi is the vibrating and frenetic capital city of Vietnam. It’s considered a not-to-be-missed destination if you want to get to know more about Vietnamese city life. Some tourists may find it quite difficult to get used to the dynamic traffic of Hanoi. However, it’s still worthwhile to go on a Hanoi day tour and discover plenty of the hidden gems such as excellent museums, beautiful lakes and delicious street food.

Ho Chi Minh City

Fulfill your trip to Vietnam by visiting the bustling economic center of the country - Ho Chi Minh City. You can easily feel a hurried pace of life in Saigon and the streets are nearly always crowded with vehicles. The most well-known attractions in Ho Chi Minh City are the Notre Dame Cathedral, HCMC Museum, Jade Emperor Pagoda, History Museum and so on.

Ho Chi Minh City is many travelers’ favorite destination in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is many travelers’ favorite destination in Vietnam (Source: Collected)

Hopefully these Vietnam tourist places will be useful suggestions for your upcoming trip to Vietnam. There are many more fascinating attractions that Vietnam has to offer. If you feel overwhelmed and confused over what destinations to choose, don’t be hesitant to give Sao La Tours a call and we’d be glad to help you plan out the most perfect vacation in Vietnam.

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