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Travel to Vietnam: Important entry requirements for all travelers

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
Travel to Vietnam doesn’t usually require lots of documents. However there are still some requirements that you need to take consideration.

Travel to Vietnam doesn’t usually require a lot of documents, as the Government is promoting the tourism sector of the nation. However, there are still some entry rules and regulations that a foreign visitor needs to keep in mind when traveling to Vietnam. In this article, Sao La Vietnam Tours will give you a complete guidance on Vietnam’s entry requirements for foreign tourists.

Requirements for all travelers

  • March 15th 2022, Vietnam’s authorities have reestablished the visa exemption policy for citizens 13 countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Russia, Japan, Korea, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Belarus.

  • While at the airport, travelers have to put on a mask and follow handwashing requirements. Intermediate points and airlines may require additional rules so make sure to ask your airline or travel agent first-hand.

  • The rule of individuating vaccinated and unvaccinated tourists. All travelers are required to abide by the same entry rules. Nevertheless, some insurance firms and airlines may have specific requirements, so be sure to consult them before going abroad.

Entry requirements for all travelers to Vietnam

Entry requirements for all travelers to Vietnam (Source: Collected)

Requirements related to COVID-19 when travel to Vietnam

Proof of negative COVID test result

May 15th travelers are no longer asked for a COVID-19 test before entering Vietnam. If you have any symptoms of COVID such as headache, runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever etc., please inform the health department at the border crossing points.

Entry rules for fully vaccinated and not fully vaccinated travelers

As stated above, Vietnam’s entry rules remain unchanged for all travelers, no matter if you’re fully vaccinated or not. When entering Vietnam, there’s no need to show your proof of vaccination status.

Passport and travel documents when entering Vietnam

Passport validity

Your passport needs to be effective for 6 months the date of arrival.

Many travelers are unable to enter or exit owing to their damaged passport. That’s why if your passport is not in good condition, it’s important to get it reissued before traveling to Vietnam. Being declined entry and exit will lead to long stay at the airport and extra cost.


Travelers can only remain in Vietnam if they have the right visa and permission. In case you want to stay in Vietnam for more than 15 days as a tourist, you can follow one of the two options below:

  • Find a travel company in Vietnam and book a tour, asking the company to apply for the letter of visa pre-approval for your entry in Vietnam. Once having received the letter sent by the Vietnamese Embassy, the travel agent will notify you when you need to collect your visa the Embassy.

  • Visit the online portal and apply for an e-visa. This kind of visa is valid for up to 30 days on staying in Vietnam, for single entry only. However, e-visa is only accepted at certain entry/exit points, which will be specified when you fill your application. Once the application is sent, it’s impossible to make any adjustments.

Travelers can only remain in Vietnam if they have the right visa and permission

Travelers can only remain in Vietnam if they have the right visa and permission (Source: Collected)

Travel to Vietnam: Visa requirements you need to know

Foreign tourists to Vietnam can only request for a tourist visa of up to 30 days. Currently, tourist visas aren’t extendable. If you’re coming to Vietnam for other purposes not considered tourism-related such as paid or volunteer missionary work, volunteer work etc., you won't be able to travel under tourist visas.

In case you’re a high-skilled worker, an expert or you want to travel to Vietnam for business purposes, you’ll need to arrange the issuance of your visa with your sponsor/employer/business partner.

January 15th 2022, travelers who made their entry in Vietnam on tourist visas, e-visas or visa exemptions March 1st 2020 no longer have their visa extended automatically.

Check your visa conditions and validity thoroughly before traveling. If you overstay your Vietnamese visa or remain in Vietnam to work illegally, you’ll be required to pay a fine and your entry in Vietnam might be restricted.

There are big differences between a tourist visa and a work visa

There are big differences between a tourist visa and a work visa (Source: Collected)

How to apply for Vietnam’s tourist visa

Nationals countries granted Vietnam’s visa exemption are not required to follow the visa application procedures.

Nationals countries not granted Vietnam’s visa exemption are required to follow the visa application procedures.

Conditions to be granted tourist visa

  • Travel guarantee organization must be a legal travel company according to the Law on Tourism

  • Foreign tourists must stay at tourist accommodation in Vietnam

Documents for tourist visa application

  • Tourist visa application NA5 form (fully filled with all the required information)

  • Original passport of the person who is requesting for a tourist visa

  • Tourist program and schedule

  • Business license of the travel company

  • Legal documents of the travel company

  • Letter of introduction the travel company

Submission of Vietnam’s tourist visa

Foreign tourists and travel companies submit the documents of tourist visa application or extension to the Vietnamese Immigration Department in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City according to the requirements.

Above are some of the rules and requirements which every traveler should follow whenever they want to travel to Vietnam. If you have any problems when applying for Vietnam’s tourist visa, feel free to contact Sao La Tours at (+84) 24.668.999.11. It’s our pleasure to help you plan things out to have the most memorable trip you can get in Vietnam!

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