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Vietnam photo tours: the most famous to lesser-known places

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
Vietnam photo tours cover the most sought-after destinations of the country. Find out the best Vietnam photography tours North the South.

Vietnam photo tours cover the most sought-after destinations of the country by photographers all over the world. While traveling the length of Vietnam, there are many places for you to take highly artistic pictures or just simply good selfies so that you can upload them to your Instagram account. In the following post, Sao La Tours will provide you with popular photo tours to capture the most beautiful and exotic sides of Vietnam.

Top 5 Best Vietnam photo tours to capture every aspects of Vietnam

Saigon Urban Exploration (4 Hours)

Take on this Saigon urban exploration and discover the less touristy areas of this famous city. The tour provides you with a true off-the-beaten-track experience while exploring Saigon’s hidden gems First off, travelers will be taken to a Chinese neighborhood, where you can photograph the mysterious and chaotic architectural buildings and precious moments of the locals’ daily lives.

Continue your journey to reach the building complex that dates back to the time of the Vietnam war. Finally, climb up the rooftop of a nearby temple to take pictures of the sunset.

Take on the photo tour to explore the less touristy areas of Saigon

Take on the photo tour to explore the less touristy areas of Saigon (Source: Collected)

Mekong Delta Photo Tour (2 Days)

Explore the heart of the Mekong Delta on a 2-day photo tour and capture the unique natural sights, historic and cultural buildings. Start your trip by paying a visit to the coconut groves in Ben Tre. Then head to the charming pagodas for an authentic photo session.

On the next day, you can capture the floating markets every angle and taste fresh fruits directly the local gardens. The photo tour ends at brick kiln village, where you can take great pictures of the working locals.

Tra Que Village Photo Tour (Half Day)

It only takes half a day for you to discover and capture the best moments of Tra Que Village in Hoi An. Travelers will board a junk boat to reach Duy Hai, where you can take stunning pictures of the fishermen during their working hours. For the sunset tour, head to Tra Que Village and take photos of the locals doing farming activities on the rice fields.  

Visit Tra Que Village during Vietnam photo tours

Visit Tra Que Village during Vietnam photo tours (Source: Collected)

Tam Giang Lagoon Photography Tour (Full Day)

Join this full day trip to Tam Giang Lagoon and immerse yourself in the ultimate tranquility of nature. The sunrise view of the lagoon will awaken your artistic sense. Next, continue your trip to Phuoc Tich ancient village and get to know more about the locals’ daily lives. Capture the pure beauty of nature and people. After that, pay a visit to Ba La and take pictures of beautiful moments where the locals create bamboo objects such as seats, baskets or basketry.

Northwest Vietnam Photo Tour (7 Days)

The Northwest region of Vietnam has a myriad of stunning views to offer: the terraced rice fields, colorful hill tribe villages to the emerald green valleys and spectacular mountain ranges. There are so many picturesque sights for you to stop by and take beautiful pictures. During the tour, visitors will also get to learn more about the lifestyles of different ethnic minorities such as Dzao, H’Mong or Thai.

Capture the stunning view of Northwest Vietnam on photo tours

Capture the stunning view of Northwest Vietnam on photo tours (Source: Collected)

How to prepare for Vietnam photo tours

Although Vietnam can be relatively small in size when you look at it on the map, it actually takes a lot of time to travel North to South. That’s why it’s always important to schedule your photo tour and list out your favorite spots in Vietnam. The best places in Vietnam for photography are Hoi An, Sapa, Hue, Ninh Binh etc.

The weather is not the same in the entire country. If you want to visit the North, the months between April and October might be the best time for taking pictures. Don’t be hesitant to visit the South in the rainy season as it’s also a great chance for beautiful photos.

Another important thing to remember is that make sure your photography gear comes with insurance before traveling.

Essential tips for Vietnam photo tours

As a photographer traveler, you’ll find out a myriad of interesting aspects while you visit Vietnam. However, travel photography is a particular type of travel and you may want to take a look at our useful tips below for a better experience:

  • Always ask for permission before photographing, this makes you a responsible traveler and helps to show your respect towards the locals. In some cases, this might be a great tip for you to avoid scams in Vietnam.

  • Don’t try to capture everything you see along the way. Try to determine your first prioritized landscapes and areas and forget about the rest.

  • Don’t be too focused on the photography aspect and forget about the joy of traveling. You can still enjoy yourself as a traveler and a photographer at the same time.

  • Rather than traveling too far, you can also take inspiration the surrounding areas.

  • Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and the local culture

  • Spend time and interact with the locals

  • Street photography is always encouraged while you’re in Vietnam

  • Don’t feel too bad if you miss some shots

  • Sometimes the small details can make big differences to your photos

Tips for a great photography tour in Vietnam

Tips for a great photography tour in Vietnam (Source: Collected)

Let Sao La Tours make every moment of your Vietnam photo tours memorable. Our long-year experienced travel experts know the most photogenic places in Vietnam, even the areas that are lesser-known for tourists. Simply send us an email or call our hotline for further information and support for your upcoming trip in Vietnam.

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