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Vietnam travel restrictions after covid-19 for travelers

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
Vietnam is a beautiful country that is attracting a lot of tourists to visit. Besides, many people are still wondering about the latest situation of Vietnam travel restrictions. Discover the answer in this article.

During 2021 and early 2022 when the pandemic broke out in many places, the Vietnamese government issued a decision on social distancing and including travel restrictions. But under strict leadership and flexible policies depending on different circumstances, by mid-2022 the pandemic situation in Vietnam has stabilized. And so Vietnam has reopened to welcome domestic and foreign guests, here are the notable on Vietnam travel restrictions after covid-19 for travelers.

Vietnam travel restrictions after covid-19 

Medical declaration and testing for COVID-19

0:00 on April 27, in the context of Covid-19 infections and deaths tending to decrease globally, the Ministry of Health of Vietnam has decided to stop making medical declarations for people entering all border gates.

Therefore, tourists who want to enter Vietnam do not need to make a medical declaration anymore, but still, have to be subject to surveillance measures to prevent disease. This decision makes many tourists happy after long periods of being bored at home in social isolation.

The Ministry of Health of Vietnam has decided to stop making medical declarations 

The Ministry of Health of Vietnam has decided to stop making medical declarations (Source: Collected)

Visa submissions

Vietnam is one of the first countries in the region to soon decide to open up to international tourism completely. On the Vietnamese government, March 15 agreed to resume the visa-free policy for 13 countries for up to 15 days regardless of entry purpose. This applies to citizens of Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

Currently, with many timely and flexible policies, tourists can travel to Vietnam easily. Contributing to making your experience more wonderful when traveling and relaxing here

Lifting restrictions on the frequency of international flights

The Government of Vietnam has approved the resumption of international routes between Vietnam and 9 destinations January 1, 2022, including San Francisco or Los Angeles, Singapore, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Vientiane, Beijing or Guangzhou, Tokyo, Seoul, and Taipei.

Along with Vietnam travel restrictions being lifted, Vietnam also lifted the frequency restriction on regular international flights February 15, according to the notice of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam. This will be good news for everyone who wants to visit Vietnam.

Vietnam has opened many new routes to serve tourists all over the world

Vietnam has opened many new routes to serve tourists all over the world (Source: Collected)

Besides, Vietnam also opened many international routes with good quality air services, ensuring customer satisfaction. That is also a reason why in the first quarter of 2022, international visitors to Vietnam increased to 89.1%.

Entry for foreign employees and overseas Vietnamese

The Government of Vietnam on January 18 issued a new Directive allowing foreign employees and overseas Vietnamese with valid TRCs, PRCs, and visa exemption papers to enter Vietnam without the approval of the Immigration Department and local people's committee.

Advocates to facilitate entry procedures for foreigners, overseas Vietnamese, and their relatives.

The government has agreed to facilitate the entry of foreigners and overseas Vietnamese returning back to Vietnam

The government has agreed to facilitate the entry of foreigners and overseas Vietnamese returning back to Vietnam (Source: Collected)

For foreigners entering:  Foreigners are invited or guaranteed by agencies, organizations, and individuals by the Law on entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam; Particularly for foreign tourists entering Vietnam, in the immediate future, continue implementing the pilot program to welcome international tourists Vietnam.

Exemption isolation for travelers entering for business purposes

According to the guidance of the Ministry of Health, foreigners entering Vietnam to work for a short period of time are regulated including investors, experts, skilled workers, business managers, and their relatives and other subjects according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health. agreement with each country (referred to as experts); Visitors entering for diplomatic or official purposes; Persons who come contact with experts and visitors on entry for diplomatic or official purposes during entry and working in Vietnam.

Experts and visitors on entry are not required to undergo 14-day concentrated medical isolation, but must strictly and fully comply with regulations on COVID-19 prevention and control, ensuring the safety of experts and visitors on entry. for diplomatic purposes, official duties, and contacts, not to cross-contamination during work and not to infect the community.

Tourists entering Vietnam for business purposes 

Tourists entering Vietnam for business purposes (Source: Collected)

Temporary recognition of passports of 72 countries

Currently, Vietnam is temporarily recognizing the form of vaccination certificates or 'vaccine passports' of 72 countries and territories that have been officially introduced by these countries and territories to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Those carrying these documents will be used directly in Vietnam and the concentrated isolation period will be reduced to 7 days according to the guidance of the Ministry of Health on shortening the isolation period for people who have had enough vaccines. prevent COVID-19 or had COVID-19 but recovered.

Issue E-visas to citizens of 80 countries

These countries include Austria, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, the Federal Republic of Germany, India, Korea, the USA, Finland, France, and China...

The list of international border gates allowing foreigners to enter and exit with electronic visas includes 08 air border gates, 16 land border gates, and 13 sea border gates.

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