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What are Vietnam holidays and what to do on these holidays

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
Vietnam holidays are special occasions where you can experience an atmosphere full of joy and excitement. Find out what to do on holidays in Vietnam.

Vietnam holidays are special occasions where you can experience an atmosphere full of joy and excitement. Vietnamese celebrate 10 public holidays, among which the most important ones are International New Year’s Day, Tet Holiday and Hung King Festival. Let’s find out more about Vietnamese holidays and what activities you can take part in during these holidays.

International New Year’s Day – The first public holiday of the year

About International New Year’s Day in Vietnam

The first public holiday in the year that the Vietnamese celebrate is International New Year’s Day (also called “Western New Year”). It’s the first day of January, which inaugurates the start of a brand new year with lots of good things and new chances ahead. The custom of celebrating International New Year’s Day has gradually been adopted by Vietnamese since the French colonization.

During this festive day in Vietnam, all of the tourist attractions, amusement parks and shopping malls always work at their full capacity to keep the local people and foreigners entertained. All of the streets are covered with beautiful flowers, colorful neon lights and banners.

Join the animated countdown party on the International New Year’s Eve in Vietnam Vietnam holidays

Join the animated countdown party on the International New Year’s Eve in Vietnam (Source: Collected)

Things to do

Here are some of the things you can do on International New Year’s Day in Vietnam:

  • See the fireworks in the biggest cities of Vietnam, such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang.

  • Take part in different artistic and cultural activities.

  • Go for a stroll in the bustling markets and shopping malls.

  • Watch the related special programs aired on national and local channels .

  • Join exciting countdown parties at the major avenues or the Opera House

Tet Holiday – One of the most expected Vietnam holidays

About Tet Holiday in Vietnam

Tet holiday is a traditional public holiday in Vietnam, which is also considered as the biggest and most celebrated festival of the country. The holiday usually takes place between late January and early February, or more particularly the first three days of Lunar New Year.

Tet Holiday plays an essential role in the tradition of Vietnam. When taking a walk around the roads on these days, you can easily come across beautiful daisy flowers, kumquat trees, apricot or peach blossoms. The streets are also way less crowded than any other normal days.

The colorful streets in Vietnam during Tet Holiday Vietnam holidays

The colorful streets in Vietnam during Tet Holiday (Source: Collected)

Things to do

If you visit Vietnam a few days before or during Tet holiday, there are a lot of things you might want to try out:

  • Stroll through Hang Ma street to experience the “Tet” atmosphere as the whole area is crowded with red decorations, vendors and sellers.

  • Erect the New Year Tree (Cây Nêu) in front of a house and decorate the tree with a flute, areca nuts, a bag of betel leaves and some metal pieces. This custom is only kept in some local communities today.

  • Visit the flower market to take beautiful selfies, buy trees and pots for decorations and feel the excitement in the air.

  • Go to the fair to buy souvenirs, taste different kinds of Vietnamese specialities and join lots of fun games such as throwing circles to the duck, shooting, bingo etc.

  • Attend Spring Flower Festivals to see colorful flowers, old ornamental plants or artificial mountain-islands.

  • Visit the Temple of Literature in Hanoi to ask for good lucks and blessings, get blessings in calligraphy

  • Join the activity of making Chung Cake with the locals.

Make Chung Cake with the locals Vietnam holidays

Make Chung Cake with the locals (Source: Collected)

Hung King Temple Festival – One of the most sacred Vietnam holidays

About Hung King Festival

The Hung King Festival is one of the most important holidays in Vietnam as it aims to commemorate Hung King, who founded the Hong Bang Dynasty in 2879 BC and is also the first king of the country. From the 8th to the 11th of March (Lunar calendar), the festival is held on Nghia Linh Mountain, Phong Chau District, Phu Tho Province.

The most important day of the festival is the 10th. On this holiday, pilgrims from all over the country gather to offer incense to their ancestors.

Hung King Temple Festival is one of the most sacred Vietnam holidays

Hung King Temple Festival (Source: Collected)

Things to do

  • Experience the festive atmosphere as the whole area is decorated with large balloons, ancient and modern flags.

  • Watch as 100 flying lights are launched into the sky on the eve of the festival.

  • Join the ceremony that starts from the foot of Nghia Linh mountain to the Upper Temple.

  • See the elephant march and several other marches.

  • Join or watch a wide variety of folk games, such as water puppet, crossbow shooting, lion dance, wrestling, human chess, rice cooking competitions, bamboo swings etc.

  • Enjoy “xoan”, “gheo” singing and other art demonstrations during the festival.

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