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Discover the Hidden Charm of Vietnam's Mekong Delta

If you're planning an adventurous trip to Vietnam, the Mekong Delta should be on your must-visit list. Drenched in rich culture and history, the Mekong Delta is a spectacular river region and the rice bowl of Vietnam. From the floating markets to the stilt houses, the Mekong Delta offers diverse attractions that are second to none. When you travel Vietnam, this beautiful region is a must-visit site. You could also take a leisurely boat ride down to the delta to experience the hidden gems of the countryside. The Mekong Delta offers a unique opportunity to soak in the Vietnamese culture and enjoy the breathtaking scenery that this land has to offer.

Best Places to Visit Mekong Delta
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Mekong Delta Travel Highlights

Best time to visit Mekong Delta

  • The Mekong Delta offers an incredible travel experience, especially from October to March. During this time, the river water level is highest, creating the perfect setting for boat markets and memorable sailing trips. It's also the busiest period, as life on the river thrives. January to March, despite slightly higher prices due to the Lunar New Year festivities and some temporary closures, offers the best weather in all of Vietnam.
  • For the best hotel deals, consider visiting the area in late September. This is the end of the rainy season, when the trees are lush, and the crops are ready for harvest. It's a truly picturesque time to explore the region.

Food & drinking in Mekong Delta

Explore and immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors of the Mekong Delta through delightful taste tours. These tours will transport you right into the heart of local culture, making you feel like a true insider. Picture yourself strolling alongside friends as you embark on a culinary journey, discovering the best food shops in town. As you indulge in mouthwatering dishes, let the locals share captivating stories about the food, the people, and the picturesque landscape. Don't miss out on these must-eat street foods in the Mekong Delta:

  • Bun mam - Fermented fish soup
  • Lau mam - Fermented fish hotpot
  •  Hu tiu My Tho
  • Banh tam bi
  • Grilled Mekong river fish
  • Banh xeo - Crispy Mekong Delta Pancake
  • Refreshing coconut water

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