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Mekong Delta (Best thing to do..)

In Southern Vietnam, the Mekong Delta is home to myriad attractive destinations and unique ecosystems that deserve more than a day trip from Ho Chi Minh City.

The River Mekong unravels into nine rivers, creating the fertile Delta as nowadays. Daily life in the delta flows with the ever-changing waters, rice fields are dug as the waters recede and fisheries thrive throughout the annual flood. Considered as the “Rice bowl” of Vietnam, Mekong Delta River brings the magic inside that appeals to all those who have come to this immense land.

Best Places to Visit Mekong Delta
Best Places to Visit Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is completely focused around the water, which explains why the only way to navigate this region is by boat. You will see rice paddies, fruit orchards, and floating markets, Buddhist temples and family houses clinging to the river’s banks.

Mekong Delta Travel Highlights

1. Browse Cai Rang Floating Market
2. Live a local life with a Family in Vinh Long
3. Walking through Sa Dec Port
4. Visit Sam Mountain in Chau Doc Town
5. Admire the Mekong Delta on renovated rice barges
6. Visit Tra Su Mangrove Forest
7. Tan Lap Village

Best time to visit

The best time to travel to the Mekong Delta is from October to March, when the river water level is highest, ideal for boat markets and sailing trips. This is also when life on the river becomes the busiest. January to March offers the best weather in the whole of Vietnam, despite prices being quite high at this time due to the recent Lunar New Year and shops and restaurants closed for a few days.

To book a hotel with the best price, you should visit the area in late September since it is the end of the rainy season, when the trees are lush and the crop is at harvest time.

Food & drinking

Taste local food tours are the perfect way to explore and dive into  Mekong Delta and make you feel like a local. Mekong Delta 1 day tour will feel like you are walking around with your friends who together go to all the best food shops in town talk about the interesting taste about the food, the people and the beautiful landscape. 

Some must-eat street food in Mekong Delta are:

1. Bun mam – Fermented fish soup
2. Lau mam – Fermented fish hotpot
3. Hu tiu My Tho
4. Banh tam bi
5. Grilled Mekong river fish
6. Banh xeo – Crispy Mekong Delta Pancake
7. Coconut water

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