Cultural Capital of Vietnam

Exploring Hanoi's Best Places to Go

Hanoi, the bustling capital city of Vietnam, is a must-see destination that should be on every traveler's list. Known for its rich history, beautiful architecture, and delicious cuisines, the city boasts a unique blend of traditional and modern culture that will captivate and inspire visitors. As the center of Vietnam's tourism, Hanoi offers a myriad of attractions, including ancient temples, ancient museums and galleries, vibrant markets, enchanting parks, and much more. Take a leisurely stroll around the city's picturesque streets, sample the mouth-watering street food, or simply soak up the local atmosphere, and you'll undoubtedly fall in love with this vibrant city.

Best Things to Do in Hanoi
Best Places to Visit Hanoi

Hanoi Travel Highlights

1. Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: The mausoleum was dedicated in 1975, the year after Mr. Ho's death. 

2. The Old Quarter:  It is known as the cultural and spiritual heart of Hanoi with its French-colonial architecture and ornate Buddhist temples. 

3. Hoan Kiem Lake: Visitors can take in the peace and quiet while enjoying the sights of the lake.

4. Ngoc Son Temple: Visitors can enjoy a leisurely visit while gaining insight into traditional Vietnamese history.

5. St. Joseph's Cathedral: The building has been standing since 1886 and is well-known as an important landmark in the city. 

6. Water Puppet Show: These performances typically tell stories related to Vietnamese mythology or rural life, and are accompanied by traditional music.

7. Vietnamese Coffee: For those looking for something a little different, specialties like egg or yogurt-flavored coffee are also an option.

8. Hoa Lo Prison Museum: Visitors can explore the exhibits and artifacts related to this unique location's past, including photographs, documents, and weapons.

9. Hanoi Train Street: A great way to explore the city while enjoying a novel experience!

10. Cooking Class: Course includes recipes, tips, and techniques for creating classic Vietnamese cuisine.

11. Vietnam Museum of Ethnology: The museum also has a library filled with references about each culture as well as a gift shop selling items related to specific ethnic groups.

Best time to visit

• The best times to visit Hanoi and Halong Bay are February to April and October to November. 
• Spring brings warm and sunny days, comfortable temperatures, and beautiful flowers in bloom with average daily high temperatures of 20-28°C (68–82°F). 
• Fall offers milder weather with lower humidity and average high temperatures of 29–25°C (84–77°F).

Food & drinking

• Hanoi is renowned for its delectable food and drink, from traditional Vietnamese dishes to international delicacies.
• Popular dishes found in Hanoi include Pho, Nem Ran, Banh Cuon, Bun Cha and Banh Com.
• Traditional drinks from Hanoi consist of egg coffee, fresh beer, herbal alcohol and local iced tea.
• Hanoi has 3 1-star Michelin restaurants and many places that are featured in the Michelin Selected list.

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