Explore Mai Chau Valley

Mai Chau (Best thing to do..)

Mai Chau is located in a rural valley with towering cliffs, a unique culture and a relaxed atmosphere and only a three-hour drive Hanoi. There are some nice things to do in Mai Chau, such as cycling through the beautiful green rice fields, visit minority villages, make a trekking in Pu Luong and enjoy the traditional Tai dances in the evening.

Best Plalces to Visit Mai Chau
Best Plalces to Visit Mai Chau

Mai Chau Travel Highlights

1. Cycling through rice fields
2. Homestay experience
3. Ethnic villages
4. Go Lao waterfall
5. Pu Luong Nature Reserve
6. Thung Khe pass
7. Hoa Binh lake
8. Climbing
9. Caves
10. Go off the beaten track

Best time to visit

December to May. The first 2 months can still be cold, but after that it gets warmer. There is also little rain this period.
November to February it is winter and the temperature can drop to 10 degrees.
The rainy season is June to September.

Food & drinking

Located in Hoa Binh province, approximately 135 km Hanoi, Mai Chau is not only well known for its majestic and authentic beauty but gives endless inspiration for poets by its unique and flavorful taste of local food.  The culinary of Mai Chau is a perfect combination between different cultures of ethnic group, such as Thai, Muong, Nung, Tay, La Ha and Muong. 

1. Steamed sticky rice in bamboo tubes
2. Grilled pork 
3. Stir fried bee with baby bamboo
4. Five color sticky rice  
5. Mai Ha wine 

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