Vietnam Fantastic Family Tour 15 Days / 14 Nights

Vietnam Fantastic Family Tour 15 Days / 14 Nights
Vietnam Fantastic Family Tour 15 Days / 14 Nights Vietnam Fantastic Family Tour 15 Days / 14 Nights See all 5 photos
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Vietnam is an ideal destination for families looking for an adventure-packed getaway that promises to offer lasting memories. With the Vietnam Fantastic Family Tour, you can explore the vibrant culture and natural beauty of this Southeast Asian nation over the course of 15 days and 14 nights. The tour takes you through the bustling streets of Hanoi, the majestic limestone formations of Ha Long Bay, the ancient city of Hue, the charming town of Hoi An, the vibrant metropolis of Ho Chi Minh, and the tranquil waters of the Mekong Delta. kayaking and cycling to visiting local villages and historic sites, there is something for everyone on this incredible journey through Vietnam.



  1. Get ready to be wowed by the vibrant culture, mouth-watering cuisine, and breathtaking sights of Hanoi
  2. Discover the mouthwatering magic of Vietnamese cuisine in a captivating cooking class in the heart of Hanoi! Unleash your inner chef and embark on a culinary adventure like no other. 
  3. Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the wonders of Halong Bay! Discover hidden treasures, meet enchanting creatures, and unlock the secrets of this awe-inspiring destination. 
  4. Discover the enchanting realm of Hue, where history and majesty collide! 
  5. Prepare to be awe-inspired as you journey along the Hai Van Pass - a magnificent route that will leave you speechless. With its breathtaking views of the rugged coastline, lush green mountains, and cascading waterfalls, this is nature at its most awe-inspiring.
  6. Step the enchanting world of Hoi An - the mesmerizing ancient town that will transport you through time. 
  7. Get ready to be whisked away to the vibrant wonders of Ho Chi Minh City! Experience the perfect blend of rich culture, bustling streets, and mouthwatering cuisine in this captivating destination.
  8. Discover the Mekong Delta: Where Beauty and Adventure Collide!


Hanoi arrival
Hanoi arrival

Upon landing at Noi Bai Airport, our driver eagerly awaits to whisk you off to the heart of the city. Please note that check-in time is after 14:00. Should you arrive before this time, an early check-in surcharge will be incurred. Once the hotel check-in process is complete, the remainder of the day is yours to unwind and explore the charming streets at your leisure.

Meals: None.
Accommodation: Hotel in Hanoi.

Hanoi free day
Hanoi free day

After enjoying a delicious breakfast at the hotel this morning, you have the entire day to unwind and relax at your own pace. Take advantage of this opportunity to recharge and adjust to any jetlag resulting your long flights.

Meals: Breakfast.
Accommodation: Hotel in Hanoi.

Hanoi city tour - To He
Hanoi city tour - To He

After having breakfast at the hotel around 8:30 am, we'll begin our day with a visit to the Museum of Ethnology. This captivating museum showcases the diverse cultures of Vietnam's 54 officially recognized ethnic groups, both indoors and outdoors. Step the informative indoor exhibition, then venture the museum's garden, where you'll find fascinating traditional houses representing various minority groups, the Kinhs to the ethnic groups of the Central Highlands.

Next, we'll continue our exploration by visiting the Temple of Literature, a venerable site constructed in 1070 to pay homage to Confucius. As the first university of Vietnam, this place also serves as a tribute to the eighty-two Vietnamese doctorates who triumphed over rigorous exams during the medieval era. Their names, birth dates, and birthplaces are engraved on headstones resting upon stone tortoises. Legend has it that touching the tortoises' heads brings good fortune. The serene green compound, with its well-maintained lawns, gardens, and lotus ponds, offers a tranquil escape the city's hustle and bustle.

In the afternoon, we'll embark on a journey through the Ho Chi Minh Complex, a significant destination in Hanoi. The complex comprises Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum, his former stilt-house residence, the Presidential Palace, and the Ho Chi Minh Museum. This visit will give us deep insights the life and legacy of an influential figure in Vietnamese history.

Later in the day, we'll have the opportunity to experience Tohe (Tò He) for about 30-50 minutes. Tò he, or toy figurines, are traditional toys made glutinous rice powder. Crafted in the form of edible animals, flowers, or characters folk stories, Tò he used to be exclusively made and sold during festivals, especially the Lunar New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival, which are much-loved celebrations among Vietnamese children.

Meal Included: Breakfast.
Accommodation: Hotel in Hanoi.

Hanoi- Countryside rural life experiences - Kite Making
Hanoi- Countryside rural life experiences - Kite Making

8h00 - 8h30: Our driver and tour guide will pick you up your hotel. We'll head to Hiep Hoa - Bac Giang, a tranquil countryside just 45 minutes away bustling Hanoi.

9h30: We'll arrive at a local family's house where you'll receive a warm welcome and enjoy a refreshing drink with local sweet treats. Get ready to immerse yourself in their daily life as you explore their traditional house architecture. Our knowledgeable guide will share fascinating stories about Vietnamese family traditions and ancestor worship.

9h45: Hop on a bike and pedal through charming alleys to get a glimpse of the villagers' everyday life. We'll visit the communal house and learn about its historical significance. Next, we'll make our way to the pagoda and temple, surrounded by breathtaking rice fields.

11h00: Join a fun and interactive "cooking class" where our guide will teach you how to make a delicious papaya salad.

11h45: Savor a mouthwatering local lunch consisting of a variety of fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

13h00: Get creative with a "Kite Making Class." Kites hold special meaning and are beloved childhood toys in Vietnam. Our guide will guide you through the process of making your own kite. Once finished, you can proudly fly your handmade creation in the open sky.

14h30: Put on a farmer's uniform and prepare the necessary tools. Experience the authentic farming life as you ride on a water buffalo cart, known as the "Rolls-Royce Phantom of Vietnam." Learn how to transplant rice and plow the land, gaining insights the traditional wet rice farming process.

16h00: Take a moment to enjoy the serene beauty of the rice fields as you fly your hand-made kite in the clear blue sky.

17h00: Return to the family's house and change your regular attire. Bid farewell to the peaceful village as we depart for Hanoi.

18h00: Arrive at your hotel in Hanoi, marking the end of our enriching journey.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch.
Accommodation: Hotel in Hanoi.

Hanoi - Halong
Hanoi - Halong

Embark on an unforgettable journey Hanoi to Ha Long Bay, covering 170km in a scenic 2.5-hour drive. After a delightful breakfast at the hotel, we'll set off for Hon Gai pier, where an enchanting cruise adventure awaits.

Check-in at the pier and savor a refreshing welcome drink as we begin our cruise. The mesmerizing beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay unfolds before our eyes as we sail through this breathtaking natural wonder. Enjoy a delectable set menu lunch in the open-air dining room, taking in the stunning limestone karsts along the way.

Our next stop is the charming Vung Vieng fishing village. Experience the rustic charm of the village as we glide through the floating houses and fish farms on a traditional row-boat. Interact with the friendly locals and immerse yourself in their unique way of life.

Return to Cruise and indulge in relaxation and rejuvenation. Take a dip in the invigorating Mineral Seawater Pool, work up a sweat in the Fitness Room, or pamper yourself with a soothing spa or massage treatment before dinner.

As the evening sets in, unwind and mingle with the onboard team, immerse yourself in traditional music, or catch a captivating movie. Settle in for a restful overnight stay on Dragon Legend in the tranquil Tra San area.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Accommodation: Overnight on Cruise.

Halong exploration
Halong exploration

Start your day at 06:30 with a beautiful sunrise over the tranquil Bay. Take your time 07:00 to 08:00 to savor the morning view while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and breakfast in the fresh air.

08:30 to 09:00, embark on a morning cruise Tra San to Vung Dang, Cong Dam area. Experience the hidden charm of Vung Dang area and the geological park by kayaking 09:30 to 11:30. Take a swim or relax on a wild sandy beach. If kayaking is not your thing, we offer a cruise Vung Dang to Tra Gioi as an alternative.

Indulge in a delightful BBQ lunch on a secluded beach 13:30 to 15:00. Then, set sail back to Tra San area for a short cruise 15:00 to 16:00.

At 16:00, participate in a cooking class and treat yourself to some relaxation time at the Mineral Seawater Pool, Fitness Room, or Spa and Massage Services before dinner.

End your day at 20:30, enjoying a cozy evening chatting with the onboard team, watching movies, or listening to traditional music. Rest peacefully overnight on the Halong cruise.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Accommodation: Overnight on Cruise.

Halong - Hanoi - Flight to Hue
Halong - Hanoi - Flight to Hue

Embark on a delightful new day with a Tai Chi demonstration on the sun-deck 06:30 to 07:00. Take a moment to savor the peacefulness of the stunning Bay, while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and a delightful breakfast amid the refreshing air, as we cruise to Hon Co Island 07:00 to 07:30.

Our next adventure awaits 08:00 to 08:45, as we explore the enchanting and well-hidden Thien Canh Son Cave. Afterward, indulge in a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters of Hon Co beach 08:45 to 09:15.

As the day progresses, make note to check out your cabin at 10:00, and get ready to tantalize your taste buds with a scrumptious lunch at Restaurant 10:45 to 11:30.

Following lunch, we'll transfer to the awaiting vehicle for an approximately 2.5-hour journey to Hanoi airport for our flight to Hue. Once we arrive, a new driver will be there to greet us and provide a comfortable transfer to the hotel in Hue, where relaxation awaits.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch.

Accommodation: Hotel in Hue.

Hue - Imperial city - Sunset in Chuon Lagoon
Hue - Imperial city - Sunset in Chuon Lagoon

After a delightful breakfast at our hotel, we kickstart our exploration of Hue's renowned attractions. Our day begins with an enchanting boat trip along the Perfume River, leading us to the picturesque Thien Mu, also known as the Heavenly Lady Pagoda. A notable exhibit here is the car that belonged to a former monk, who valiantly sacrificed himself in 1963 to protest against the oppressive South Vietnamese regime's treatment of Buddhists.

there, we disembark and venture towards the elaborate tomb of the esteemed former emperor, Tu Duc. Built between 1864 and 1867 with the dedicated efforts of 3000 soldiers and workers, this marvel boasts fifty monuments enveloped by a grand 1500-meter wall. The historical richness and architectural splendor are truly awe-inspiring.

We then return to Hue for a much-deserved lunch, satisfying our appetites and recharging for the rest of our adventure.

In the afternoon, we immerse ourselves in the grandeur of Hue Imperial City, the final royal city of Vietnam. Beholding magnificent structures such as the Flag Tower, Ngo Mon Gate, and Nine Dynastic Urns, we delve the captivating history of the city. This 19th-century citadel once served as the residence for Vietnam's emperors, reigning 1802 to 1945. Our visit to Dong Ba Market completes the day's activities, offering a delightful shopping experience and a chance to indulge in the city's culinary specialties.

As the late afternoon approaches, we embark on an enchanting excursion to Chuon Lagoon, the starting point of the famous Tam Giang - Cau Hai lagoon system. Our journey commences with a mesmerizing bicycle tour along the poetic Nhu Y River, leading us to the picturesque Chuon lagoon. Along the way, we encounter charming and intricately designed old pavilions, representing the architectural beauty of family temples adorned with dragon carvings. As we follow winding paths through golden paddy fields, we arrive at Chuon lagoon. Here, we board traditional sampans, which allow us to immerse ourselves in the captivating landscape and witness the daily life of local fishermen. A visit to a stilted local house and a scrumptious feast of grilled seafood accompanied by local beer completes the immersiveness of our experience.

With the setting sun as our backdrop, we return to our hotel, cherishing the memories we have made throughout the day.

Meals: Breakfast, Snack at Chuon Lagoon.
Accommodation: Hotel in Hue.

Hue - Danang - Hoian - Ancient town
Hue - Danang - Hoian - Ancient town

After fueling up with a delicious breakfast at the hotel, we say goodbye to Hue and continue our journey south towards the enchanting old trading town of Hoi An, passing through Danang along the way. Our first stop is the stunning Lang Co beach, where we'll take a moment to refresh ourselves. But the real highlight awaits us as we make our way up the Hai Van Pass, reaching the top and being greeted by breathtaking views overlooking Da Nang city.

Next on our itinerary are the captivating Marble Mountains, a collection of five majestic hills crafted marble and limestone. As we explore their cave entrances and winding tunnels, we'll have the opportunity to climb to the summit of Mt. Thuy and discover the peaceful Buddhist sanctuaries nestled within.

Arriving in Hoi An, we embark on a mesmerizing walking tour of Hoi An Ancient Town, a remarkably well-preserved trading port dating back to the 15th to 19th century. Our first stop in this historical gem is the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge, an architectural masterpiece built by the Japanese community in the 1590s. We'll also venture to Tan Ky House, an ancient dwelling that beautifully blends Japanese and Chinese influences and has stood the test of time for over two centuries.

As we wander the town's enchanting streets, we'll encounter charming houses that once belonged to Chinese merchants. No visit to Hoi An would be complete without admiring the architectural marvel of Phuc Kien Assembly Hall, a temple dedicated to the sea goddess Thien Hau, boasting intricate designs that carry great historical significance.

Rounding off our exploration of Hoi An Ancient Town, we'll have the fascinating opportunity to delve Vietnamese calligraphy writing at one of the Assembly Halls. This art form bears a strong influence China and reflects the rich cultural heritage of this region.

Get ready for an unforgettable day filled with historical wonders and captivating sights.

Meals: Breakfast.
Accommodation: Hotel in Hoi An.

Hoian - free at the beach
Hoian - free at the beach

Experience pure relaxation and delight on the sandy beaches of Hoi An. Whether you choose to swim, sunbathe, or simply bask in the beauty of this captivating holiday retreat, there are endless delights awaiting you. For those seeking adventure, optional sightseeing, thrilling scuba diving, and exciting water sports are available. Or, if you prefer, just surrender to the tranquility and enjoy all the comforts of the resort.

Meals: Breakfast.
Accommodation: Hotel in Hoi An.

Hoian - free at leisure - Danang - Flight to Ho Chi Minh
Hoian - free at leisure - Danang - Flight to Ho Chi Minh

After enjoying breakfast at the hotel, the morning is yours to explore at your leisure. In the afternoon, our driver will pick you up and accompany you to the airport for your flight to Saigon in the late afternoon.

Once you arrive, our new driver will warmly greet you and assist you in checking in at your hotel in Ho Chi Minh.

Meals: Breakfast.
Accommodation: Hotel in Ho Chi Minh.

Ho Chi Minh city tour
Ho Chi Minh city tour

Explore the vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh with a delightful breakfast to start your day. Around 8:30 am, our friendly guide will meet you at the hotel for an exciting tour. We kick off with a visit to the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, a stunning French colonial structure. Built between 1877 and 1883, this architectural masterpiece is crafted entirely stones imported France, boasting a captivating neo-Romanesque style.

Right next to the cathedral, we have the Old Saigon Post Office, a remarkable example of French architecture completed in 1891. As Vietnam's largest post office, it exhibits both beauty and historical significance. Moving along Dong Khoi Street, discover more architectural wonders like the Opera House and the Peoples' Committee building, constructed in 1897 by the renowned French architect Ferret Eugene. The Opera House, with its seating capacity of 800, played a significant role as the home of the Lower House Assembly of South Vietnam post-1956.

The grand finale of the morning tour takes us to the Reunification Palace, once the official residence of the President of South Vietnam. However, its history took a dramatic turn on April 30th, 1975, when North Vietnamese tanks stormed through its front gates, symbolizing the end of the Vietnam War.

In the afternoon, we invite you to explore, firsthand, the War Remnants Museum (formerly known as the Museum of American War Crimes). This thought-provoking museum serves as a poignant reminder of the senselessness of war. For a more serene experience, we'll visit the Thien Hau Pagoda located in Cho Lon, the city's vibrant Chinatown. This pagoda is an elegant dedication to the Goddess of the Sea, adorned with intricate friezes and captivating carved tableaus near the entrance. Lastly, immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of the Ben Thanh Market. Here, you'll find a plethora of vendors offering delicious culinary delights as well as an array of enticing local handicrafts and souvenirs.

Meals: Breakfast.
Accommodation: Hotel in Ho Chi Minh.

Ho Chi Minh - Cai Be - Sadec - Can Tho on private Song Xanh Sampan
Ho Chi Minh - Cai Be - Sadec - Can Tho on private Song Xanh Sampan

After a delightful breakfast, we embark on the Song Xanh Sampan Phu An Jetty at 10:00am, ready to explore the wonders of Cai Be. As we sail along the river, take in the picturesque view of people going about their daily lives against the backdrop of stunning landscapes. Indulge in some tea and seasonal fruit graciously served by our attentive crew.

During our journey to Sa Dec, we make several stops to witness the region's cottage industries, including a handcrafted brick factory and charming villages connected by monkey bridges. Arriving in Sa Dec, we visit the lively outdoor market before making our way to the esteemed ancient house of Huynh Thuy Le, which played a role in the captivating novel and film "The Lover" by Marguerite Duras.

As we continue cruising towards Can Tho, lunch is served on board while we navigate through a narrow canal teeming with life. Immerse yourself in the local culture as we explore the surrounding countryside on a delightful rowboat ride.

Before the sun sets, we'll visit the Binh Thuy ancient house, a true gem dating back to the 19th century. The owner will warmly welcome us, and a candlelit dinner will be served in this authentic countryside setting. After a satisfying meal, we'll return to the Song Xanh and continue our cruise along the enchanting Hau River.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Accommodation: Overnight on Song Xanh Private Sampan.

Can Tho - Cai Rang floating market - Saigon
Can Tho - Cai Rang floating market - Saigon

As the Delta comes alive with the morning sun, we rise early and embark on a boat cruise along the magnificent Mekong River. The Mighty Mekong, with its endless waterways, guides us to the renowned Cai Rang floating market. Here, we are mesmerized by the bustling scene of boats overflowing with juicy mangoes, sweet bananas, succulent papayas, and tropical pineapples, all ready for sale and exchange.

Immersed in this vibrant market, we indulge in the delightful flavors of the Mekong, savoring the luscious tropical fruits the surrounding orchards.

After our market adventure, we pay a visit to a local family that produces noodles and rice paper, witnessing firsthand their traditional craftsmanship. Finally, we return to Saigon, where we will spend the night in a comfortable hotel.

Meals: Breakfast.
Accommodation: Hotel in Saigon.

Ho Chi Minh departure
Ho Chi Minh departure

Once you've enjoyed a delicious breakfast at the hotel, take the opportunity to unwind and rejuvenate. Our courteous driver will meet you and ensure a seamless transfer to Tan Son Nhat International Airport for your departure flight to your next exciting destination. We sincerely appreciate your choice to travel with Sao La Tours!

Meals: Breakfast.

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Halong Bay overnight on boat (sharing boat) – English Speaking tour guide on board

Private boat excursion in Hoi An, Hue, Mekong Delta – English Speaking tour guide on board

Flight tickets: Hanoi – Hue, Danang – Ho Chi Minh

Tohe making, Caligraphy writing

Water and cool tissues

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