Relax and unwind on blue-water beaches

Phu Quoc Island (Best thing to do..)

Phu Quoc Island, sitting off the coast of Cambodia, is one of the most appealing attractions in Vietnam. It owns endless unspoiled beaches for water activities, romantic sunsets for Instagram feed, uninhabited remoted islands for exploration, and dense tropical forests for adventures.
Beyond the snow-white beaches with ice cream-soft sand, Phu Quoc offers a wide range of luxury resorts, chic restaurants, and comforting spa treatments. Traditional villages, sacred temples and pagodas, and spacious green parks can also please even a perfectly picky travelers.

Best Places to Visit Phu Quoc Island
Best Places to Visit Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island Travel Highlights

1. Enjoy the beaches
2. Island hopping
3. Phu Quoc prison
4. Visit local fishing villages
5. Suoi Tranh waterfall
6. Diving & snorkeling
7. Enjoy the sunset
8. Visit local plantations and factories
9. Phu Quoc night market
10. The Phu Quoc cable car

Best time to visit

High season – November to March: the weather is exceptionally pleasant with an average temperature of 30 degrees and clear sky.

Shoulder season – April to June: the hottest months of the island. The chance of good weather is fifty-fifty.

Low season – July to September: a lot of rain.

Food & drinking

Aside from picturesque sceneries, Phu Quoc island offers an abundance of tasty dishes that you cannot resist when they come to your table. The food here is just about budget friendly with fresh off the boat seafood. Phu Quoc Island dining ranges from local markets, street food stalls, luxury restaurants to expat-owned bistros offering authentic Western cuisine.

Some must-eat street food in Phu Quoc Island are:

1. Ken noodle (Bún kèn)
2. Thick Noodle Soup with Fish Cakes (Bánh canh chả cá)
3. Raw herring salad (Gỏi cá trích)
4. Echinus (Nhum biển)
5. Shrimp Noodle (Bún quậy)
6. Grilled Trachurus (Cá sòng nướng)
7. Slipper lobster (Tôm mũ ni)
8. Ham Ninh Flower Crab (Cua Hàm Ninh)
9. Fried squid with fish sauce
10. Snails (Ốc)

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