Discovering the most beautiful sights in Ha Giang

Ha Giang (Best thing to do..)

Ha Giang is the final frontier of North Vietnam and home to a large number of ethnic minorities including H’Mong, Tay, Dao, Lo Lo, ect. This destination has been more popular for those who are nature lovers and adventurers thanks to its of natural beauties and indigenous culture. As this is not the easiest place to reach, Ha Giang will be less busy and offers visitors the opportunity to explore Vietnam’s raw beauty in a way that few other places still do.

Best Places to Ha Giang
Best Places to Visit Ha Giang

Ha Giang Travel Highlights

1. Happiness Road
2. Quyet Tien Market (Quan Ba District)
3. Quan Ba Heaven Gate – Twin Mountains
4. Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark – Best things to do in Ha Giang
5. Sung La Valley – Lung Cam Village
6. Mansion of Vuong Family
7. Lung Cu Flag Tower – Milestone 428 – North Pole Milestone
8. Dong Van Old Quarter – Full Moon Night – Dong Van Market
9. Ma Pi Leng Pass – Nho Que River
10. Meo Vac – Khau Vai Love Market
11. Hoang Su Phi – Terraced Rice Fields – Phin Ho Village
12. Explore the Dong Van Geopark with Vietnam’s most beautiful mountain passes

Best time to visit

September through to November is a good time to visit this remote province, with cooler temperatures. In November, Ha Giang is hugely popular during the Buckwheat Flower Festival. April to June is pleasant and warm, July and August can be very hot with regular monsoons.

Food & drinking

The far north of Vietnam is a surprisingly tasty place to find good Vietnamese food. The restaurant scene consists of small “quan” restaurants where you have to sit on a small stool while the food is being cooked before your eyes. The locals will probably beg you to taste some rice wine, something you should be careful with.

Breakfast and dinner you will often eat at your homestay. It is recommened to book a family dinner and eat with the family of the host and other guest.

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