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Dalat (Best thing to do..)

Dalat is clearly one of the highlights of Vietnam, especially if you like adrenaline. Dalat is completely different from any other place in Vietnam. The weather is spring-like cool instead of tropical hot, the city is littered with elegant French-colonial villas instead of a grim socialist architecture, and the farms around are littered with strawberries and flowers instead of rice.

You can experience the local culture by visiting breathtaking Buddhist pagodas, ethnic villages and royal structures, while well-preserved French villas and chalets are ideal for honeymoons and romantic getaways.

Best Places to Visit Dalat
Best Places to Visit Dalat

Datlat Travel Highlights

1. Canyoning in Dalat
2. Explore waterfalls
3. Mountain biking
4. Trekking
5. Easy Rider Tour
6. Coffee shops
7. Tuyen Lam lake
8. Dalat night market
9. Coffee and tea plantations
10. Crazy house

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Da Lat is from December to early March. This period marks the dry season in Da Lat, making it the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. Temperatures generally range from 19°C to around 24°C. The flower gardens and patches in Da Lat are in full bloom during this period. You can also experience the famous bi-annual flower festival held here.

Food & drinking

Dalat is not only a home to flowers, vegetables and fruits but also famous for many local food that you should try when have a chance to visit Dalat as : nem nuong, banh trang, banh can,…Food is also an important thing to attract many tourists.

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