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Exploring the Wonders of Dalat Crazy House

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
Dalat city in Vietnam offers an incredible adventure to those who seek it. There are numerous stunning landscapes, sweet-smelling coffee plantations, a stunning collection of flowers, markets, and most importantly, a unique architectural masterpiece. Have you ever heard about Dalat Crazy House? This seven-story conception is a dreamlike fairytale with innovative architectural works twisted staircases, minimalistic rooms, and maze-like passageways. This post mentions all you need to know about Crazy House.

The Creativity behind Crazy House: Designed by a Vietnamese female architect Dang Viet Nga, the building drew its inspiration Gaudi's modernism and abstraction. The unconventional building design is uniquely infused with sculpture, painting, and visual arts decorations. The artistic decorations displayed on the walls such as the spider web, the spider, and the crocodile, reflect the Asian culture as well as the architect's personal vision.

Imagine an enchanted world full of unexpected surprises - Dalat Crazy House

Imagine an enchanted world full of unexpected surprises! Take a journey to the Crazy House and explore its unique, wild, and whimsical architecture. Let your curiosity take you on an adventure like no other! #dalatcrazyhouse (Source: Collected)

The Design of Crazy House: Crazy House contains ten individual themed rooms, with each space coming with its own character. The host merged modern installation art with an eco-friendly design that strengthens our connection to the environment. One of these themed rooms is the Cave room, which is a favorite among visitors for its mysterious feel. The Jungle room, which overlooks the city of Dalat a stunning point, is another must-visit.

You Can Spend a Night Here: Interestingly, Crazy House offers an exclusive element that every tourist ought to experience. Not everyone is aware that you have the option to stay overnight at the crazy house, where rooms are carefully crafted to offer a unique and playful stay experience. Imagine waking up to the splendid view of greenery, taking a stroll through the lush garden while using the swings and monkey bars. This unforgettable experience also gives you a sense of serenity and introspection.

Step out of the ordinary and fall into the surreal world of Dalat Crazy House

Step out of the ordinary and fall into the surreal world of Crazy House. An incredible place to explore your creativity and unleash your imagination! #DalatCrazyHouse(Source: Collected)

The Gardens: Dalat Crazy House is beautifully integrated the natural surroundings; it sits in the heart of luscious gardens programmed to unwind your mind. The garden itself is an elaborate work of art, skillfully crafted with bridges, paths, and decorated with quirky sculptures and vermilion flowers. When visiting, there are plenty of angles to take pictures and enjoy the tranquility of the atmosphere that envelops you.

Opening Time and Fees: Crazy House opens its doors to visitors daily, and entry fees are pocket-friendly and accessible. The site's entrance fee is 60,000 Vietnamese dong for adults, and children of nine years and below have free entry. The Crazy House opens its doors 08:30 in the morning to 07:00 in the evening.

Each room offers a unique surprise and an opportunity to explore your creative side - Dalat Crazy House

Each room offers a unique surprise and an opportunity to explore your creative side. Step outside the box and uncover all of its hidden secrets! #DalatCrazyHouse (Source: Collected)

Visiting Dalat Crazy House can be equated to travelling the unknown, where you get to experience eccentric spaces, exciting artistic interpretations, and get to be serenaded a place of calmness and self-reflection. The innovative designs in the house showcase the imaginative and creative minds of Vietnamese designers while retaining the local culture. It's one destination that should be on every itinerary when planning a trip to Dalat city, Vietnam.

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