There are many companies offering tours and vacations in Vietnam. So why choose Sao La Tours? Most simply, we care. We care about you truly enjoying your vacation or holiday and experiencing the country, not worrying about logistics.

With 8 years of experience, we know how to translate your ideal trip a well-planned custom itinerary you'll always remember.

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And here are some more of the emails and letters we have received form clients over the years

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Tony Puffer

Well hello Trang 

Well its been a few days since we got back from Vietnam and I have to say that it doesn't take long to get back into the swing of every day life! 

We had a great time in your lovely country and we have a huge thank you to say to you ​for making it all possible.
Absolutely everything you arranged went perfectly, which as a frequent traveler I know is difficult to achieve, especially when you rely on so many other people. So you did a really great job and Cilla and I thank you so much.

I've attached a few photo's of of time in Vietnam to remember us by. You must send us a photo of you so that we can put you in our photo album that you so kindly gave us.

I wish you every success with your business and of course in your personal life with your search for a modern man! 

All the best and take care. 

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Pat and Pete

Hello Trang

We are still talking about our visit to Hanoi and the pleasant evening we spent with you. So nice to talk to a ‘local’, about the way of life in Vietnam, and in such nice surroundings as well.We could not fault your arrangements for us, Ms Mi and Son were very capable, her English was easy to understand, she was full of good knowledge and had a good sense of humor. Son was always on time and a very careful driver, we felt completely safe with him.​

​The Junk trip was fun, the accommodation was clean, and the food was varied and plentiful, they catered for different likes and dislikes with the food and the crew were friendly. Unfortunately it was very cloudy so we could not see the full beauty of the bay, but it was a good experience, we visited a large cave and Peter even managed to go Kayaking, but no swimming.

To sum up, we found our whole experience interesting, fun and exciting, and we thank you for arranging the flowers and fruit in our cabin, we suspect it was you as nobody else had them.
​Our kindest regards to you, and we wish you well with your future search for a Man.

Best regards 
Pat & Pete

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Barbara Wright and Dwight Gee

Hello Trang,

We just had a fabulous trip thanks to you and all the wonderful planning you did. You certainly took great care in every detail. We just felt very lucky to have connected with you in Hanoi and we could see along the way the many wonderful efforts you made to ensure our trip was memorable. You really did an excellent job in putting together a very memorable, fun and insightful trip. We are attaching a photo of all of us the evening we met you. We very much enjoyed our time with you. 

We got back just a few days ago and are finally getting over jetlag and catching up on correspondence. We wanted to give you our thoughts about hotels, guides, and activities.

Hanoi Hotel - it was a great location and the public space was comfortable. Our room was simple and clean.

Hanoi/Ky Son/Ha Long Bay Guide - Tan was the perfect introduction to Vietnam. We loved his tour of the markets and eating from the street stalls. He had a fine ability to gauge when we wanted to walk quickly or when we wanted to stop and check out things. He was a real professional and he gave us a wonderful introduction on our first few days. We liked that he pointed out sites, and especially that he took us so many neighborhoods and was the first person to teach us how to cross the street! We would recommend Tan to anyone going to Vietnam. The boat ride in Ha Long was lovely and it was worth the drive to get there.

The Moon Garden Hotel - was truly over-the-moon and we just loved it! Dwight had a fabulous 60th Birthday thanks to all the arrangements you made -- including the lovely Birthday cake which we shared with the hotel staff. We loved the biking and spending time in small villages and we also loved the short cooking class. This night was a highlight of the trip and we could have stayed there for several days. It was very peaceful and a nice contrast to the fast pace of Hanoi. Our room was very classy and very first class. This was just a remarkable stop.

Hoi An/ Hue Hotel
 - our hotel was just lovely and the staff was friendly and warm. The breakfast was delicious and we enjoyed the pool on a hot day. It was a great location and another fun stop. The cooking class in Hue was just excellent and we were so glad to have done it. We will cook some of the food we learned to cook and have Bill and Pat to dinner. The cyclo ride was hilarious and we were lucky to have two cyclists with great senses of humor who made the trip quite funny.

Ho Chi Minh City Hotel - this was another nicely located and simple hotel. 

Ho Chi Minh City Guide - Ms. Phuoc was a highly spirited, knowledgeable and delightful guide. We could have traveled with her for the entire trip and never tired of her company. She really shared her view of Vietnam openly and her thoughtful and insightful comments were much appreciated. We would highly recommend her to anyone traveling. Our time there was quite emotional with our visits to the Cu Chi Tunnels and the war museum and she couldn't have been a better person to help us understand recent history and the current feelings in Vietnam. She is young, but a very seasoned and professional guide. And she loves her Country very much. She was a great ambassador. Visiting Ho Chi Minh City at the end of the trip was perfect timing. The earlier days gave us a view of current Vietnam and HCMC was an important reminder of some very dark days. It as pretty painful for us since we both opposed the American/Vietnamese war.

Siem Reap Hotel - yet another great hotel and a perfect location. The hotel staff was friendly and wonderful and the breakfast was just excellent. Again, we enjoyed having a pool on such a hot day.

Siem Reap Guide - Mr. Pherara and our driver Polin were another highlight of the trip. Both of them had wonderful senses of humor, warmth and professional skills. We just had a great time being together. Pherara's knowledge of the temples was excellent and his gentle manner will be remembered for a long time. He is someone we would highly recommend and if there is a way to match him with Polin again, any tourist would have a fine time. 

And thanks to you, all our flights worked out perfectly. We were concerned about so many internal flights, but they all were on time and helped save long hours in the car. Trang, you just did a wonderful job pulling all the details for our trip together. We would highly recommend you and your company to any friends and we hope some day to return to Vietnam and be in touch. If for any reason you come to the U.S., we would love to connect with you and show you our City.

Thank you again for introducing us to your wonderful country. Your work was simply outstanding. As you have already seen, we will be recommending you to any of our friends who are thinking of traveling to Vietnam. You are a remarkable professional with a deep knowledge and passion for your country and a fabulous understanding of your clients. We hope you stay in touch. 

Warm regards,

Barbara Wright and Dwight Gee, Seattle, WA USA

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Lorelle and Neil Webley

Hi Trang

We are back home again and just sending you a note to thank you for all your assistance with our North Vietnam holiday.

The itinerary you organised all worked well, including the rearrangements you made for our Halong Bay cruise. The alternative junk cruise was great.

Our guide, Ha, and driver Twan were excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Our only regret is that we did not have more time. Maybe next time!

All of our accommodation was very comfortable and the staff, particularly at the Lucky Hotel in the Old Quarter, were helpful and friendly.The homestay at Mai Chau was fine, more like a lodge than a homestay, and we met other travellers staying there. 

We will certainly recommend you and your company to anyone thinking of a Vietnam holiday. 
It was nice to meet you in Hanoi.

Thanks again to you and your staff.


Lorelle and Neil Webley 

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D. Peter Hochberg

Dear Neta:

Thank you for the email which you sent to us on November 3. We did arrive home safely and on time, and as expected we were deluged with work when we went to the office. However, I did want to respond to you right away.            

The tour which you set up was wonderful. We enjoyed visiting each of the cities and towns included on the tour, and found the history behind the places we saw, the various cultures which we saw and the general warmth of the people very interesting and enjoyable.            

We enjoyed being with each of the guides who accompanied us in the various places. They were genuinely friendly, described the various things we saw fully and were quite open in their discussions with us. In our drive to Hoi An, Vinh took us to a local restaurant at our request, and we had a delightful time. We had wanted to change schedule in both Ho Chi Minh City and in Cambodia, and Trang and Seavathdy did this right away. Each of the guides was very warm to us and Seavathdy asked if we ever go to Cambodia again, that we use her as a guide. She, like the other guides, went out of her way to take us to each of the sites and was most helpful in explaining the significance of their details. 

The hotels were mostly acceptable. One problem that we had was that the Beach Resort in Hoi An did not have a fitness room (they had a broken down rusty machine that was unusable) and the Grand Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City did not have a fitness room either. However, the quality of each of the hotels was fine. We also prefer to stay in hotels which are in a city or town since it is easier to wander about (unlike the Century Resort in the Hoi An and the Angkor Century Resort in Sien Reap). We also would have preferred to stay in regular hotels rather than resorts, since we like to explore the respective areas rather than rest and relax.

We also had too much spare time at some of the locations. We would have preferred to have paid more to have the guides spend more time with us to explore more areas.

We usually like eating in true local restaurants, not the “tourist” restaurants which are frequented only by tourists and not by the local residents. We also felt that some of these restaurants gave us too much food, and we would rather have been seeing the respective sites rather than sitting and eating. 

We were entirely satisfied with the entire trip (even with the items noted above), and will recommend your company to any of our friends who may wish to visit your country. We truly enjoyed ourselves, and we will be sure to spread the word.

It was a pleasure meeting you, and we hope that your business continues to thrive. Again, thank you for the lovely welcome dinner and gift which we have displayed in our home. Please let us know if we can give you any further comments. 

Sincerely yours, 

D. Peter Hochberg 
Sean Mellino
Daniel J.Smola

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Ahmed Kabbani

Dear Neta, 

As promised, I would like to give you some comments about the nice trip we had during our stay in Vietnam. 
Our arrival was planned perfectly. The promised pick-up was were we expected it to be.

City tour was also a nice experience., and we enjoyed Saigon quite well.  Although we saw a lot of people at the reception having problems with the hotel in Saigon, we honestly could not complain (Elios). It was situated just perfect. And the rest was just perfect.  The trip to Mekong and the Hotel in Can Tho (Kim Tho Hotel) was also very good.

The stay at the cat tien national park was a bit disappointing. As you probably know, the accommodation isn't that what somebody expects. We stayed at the accommodation at the park entry, honestly the accommodation at the lake can´t be offered to anybody. In any case, the trip to the park was something we have asked for.

One of the highlights is of course Dalat, with the perfect hotel (Sammy).  For the restaurants, it was just perfect. We had the chance to eat various dishes which we wouldn't have ordered if we would do that by ourselves. 

The bus & driver also a 100%. I felt very safe with the driver.  We also enjoyed our trip with Mr. Sang. He was a good help for explaining us the details in english. He took good care of us. I always would recommend him again.

What I missed were some more historical details/facts about the attractions, about vietnam, the people etc. But we helped ourselves with our little booklet we had about Vietnam. 

All in all it was an enjoyable vacation, which we only realized after we were back in germany. I also was very glad that everything worked fine (hotel, trip, payment, reservation).

The hotel (Amaryllis) was one of the best hotels I ever have booked.  Last but not least, the way you took care about everything, was more than perfect !! 

So thanks again, and hopefully we will make it again to vietnam. And I know who I will contact.  

Best wishes from me and my family
Ahmed Kabbani

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