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10 advice to make the most of an organized travel tour to Vietnam

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
This list is a guideline for tourists when traveling in Vietnam. The 10 best pieces of advice will make your trip easier and more convenient.

The best way to have an excellent trip is to plan very specifically. Especially, if you are going to go on a tour to Vietnam, you should research carefully about this country because Vietnam is a beautiful country but there are many cultural differences between regions.

Prepare your Visa before arriving in Vietnam

To legally enter foreign countries, you definitely need a visa. In the case of a tourist, you are only granted a visa to stay for a certain period of time.

Applying for a Vietnam Visa is usually not too difficult, but it also depends on your personal profile and your home country. 

Applying for a Vietnam Visa is usually not too difficult - tour to Vietnam

Applying for a Vietnam Visa is usually not too difficult (Source: Collected)

To apply for a visa to travel in Vietnam, you can apply at the Vietnamese Embassy located in your home country or the Consulate of Vietnam located in the country where you have a nationality.

Learn some Vietnamese

Although English is a widely used language in the world, Vietnamese people do not consider English as an official language. In Vietnam, people communicate with each other in Vietnamese.

If you have tour guides accompanying you on your trip to Vietnam, you probably don't have to worry about the language barrier.

However, learning a little basic Vietnamese like “Xin chào” (Hello) or “Cảm ơn” (Thank you) will help you impress the locals. It also makes your travel experience more enjoyable.

In case, you are not a tourist by tour, you should definitely pocket the Vietnamese dictionary. You will need it to communicate and trade with Vietnamese people and even use the services such as hotels, restaurants, taxis,... here.

Tour to Vientam: Bring cash with you

Although there are many shops and restaurants in Vietnam that allow you to pay with e-wallets or bank cards, Vietnamese people still use cash mainly.

If you want to experience a lot of street food, buy souvenirs at shops, or even pay for hotel services, and technology motorbike taxis, you should prepare a lot of cash with you.

Vietnamese people still use cash mainly - tour to Vietnam

Vietnamese people still use cash mainly (Source: Collected)

In fact, the cost of living in Vietnam is not too expensive. Moreover, ATMs and bank branches are everywhere for you to withdraw money. However, try to withdraw and exchange money right at the airport, which has the cheapest costs.

Pack suitable clothes 

Vietnam is a country with a tropical climate with high humidity and temperatures all year round. However, not all regions have the same weather.

While the northern provinces of Vietnam are usually quite cold in autumn and winter, the south and central regions are hot most of the year and have a lot of rain at some periods of the year. 

Therefore, you should learn about destinations and travel times in advance to prepare appropriate clothes. If you choose tours in Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, or Ho Chi Minh City, you should prepare a lot of summer clothes with good sweat-absorbing materials.

However, warm clothes will be more suitable if you decide to travel to Sapa or Hanoi in winter.

Be careful when crossing the street

It’s the fact that traffic in Vietnam is complicated and scary. In Vietnam, the main means of transport is motorbikes and most motorcyclists often drive very fast, even running red lights, jostling each other.

At peak hours, traffic jams often occur. Many motorbikes run on the sidewalk and do not yield to pedestrians when necessary. Therefore, first-time visitors to Vietnam should learn to cross the street quickly and carefully. Moreover, don't panic when there are too many motorbikes and cars creeping around you.

Tour to Vietnam: Must try Vietnamese street food

Vietnamese cuisine has long been famous around the world for its variety and great taste. The special thing in Vietnamese cuisine is the ability of chefs to combine all 5 flavors: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy in a dish. 

Most Vietnamese dishes contain many nutrients that are good for your health because chefs often balance ingredients such as meat, seafood, and eggs with vegetables for dishes.

Vietnamese cuisine has long been famous for its variety and great taste - tour to Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine has long been famous for its variety and great taste (Source: Collected)

Moreover, Vietnamese food is cheap. However, that does not mean that the quality of the food is bad. Try to experience Vietnamese food once to verify what is written in this article.

Get a local SIM card 

Wifi is available in many Vietnamese restaurants, hotels, and shops for you to use for free. However, if you are walking on the street or in a public place such as a park, or temple, you may have difficulty connecting to the internet.

Moreover, to use motorbike taxi apps in Vietnam, you definitely need an account registered by phone number with a Vietnam area code.

All those problems will be easily solved with a local SIM card for a very cheap price, around 5 USD. Viettel, MobiFone, and Vinaphone are the three most popular carriers in Vietnam. 

Ready to use technology motorbike taxi apps

In Vietnam, you have many transportation options to choose such as walking, bus, taxi, or motorbike taxi. 

However, you should be careful with traditional motorbike taxi drivers, they often charge very expensive prices for each ride. This quote wedge is often quite emotional because they do not have a reasonable measure of the price of their service.

The best option for travelers who want to use the motorbike taxi service is to install and book a car or bike through popular motorbike taxi apps like Grab, Gojek, or Be.

Beware of theft and fraud

You probably don't need to worry about terrorist bombings or shootings in Vietnam because that never happened here. Vietnamese people are friendly, kind, and hospitable.

However, petty thefts and scams are common in Vietnam, especially in big cities like Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. Therefore, always keep a close eye on your luggage, bags, and wallets.

In addition, always exercise caution when deciding to buy something or socialize with local people who initiate a strange and suspicious conversation with you.

Choose the right travel agency 

Traveling in a foreign country is exciting, but also potentially risky. Therefore, the best way to make your trip memorable and enjoyable is to seek the companionship of a travel agency in the country you visit.

Sao La Tours - the company that provides the best tours and resorts in Vietnam

Sao La Tours - the company that provides the best tours and resorts in Vietnam

If you plan to tour to Vietnam, contact Sao La Tours - the company that provides the best tours and resorts in Vietnam. Sao La Tours pays attention to all your details and can create a custom itinerary according to your requirements.

With the experience of a team of professional guides, we guarantee to make your travel experience in Vietnam better than expected. Contact us now at Sao La Tours for a free consultation.

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