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8 Reasons to Choose Backpacking Vietnam Tour for First Time Tourist

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
Backpacking Vietnam Tour is the perfect choice for you! Here are eight reasons why you should choose a backpacking tour of Vietnam.

Are you looking for an exotic and adventurous vacation? Then Backpacking Vietnam Tour is the perfect choice for you! With its beautiful landscapes, rich culture and history, friendly locals, and delicious cuisine, a backpacking tour of Vietnam will provide an unforgettable experience. bustling cities to rural villages to pristine beaches, this country has something to offer everyone. Here are eight reasons why you should choose a backpacking tour of Vietnam.

Incredible Natural Beauty (Source: Collected)

Incredible Natural Beauty

Vietnam is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty that must be seen to be believed. Whether it's in the mountains or along the coastlines, there are countless stunning vistas waiting to be explored on your backpacking trip. The northern region offers majestic limestone karsts jutting out emerald waters while in central Vietnam there are miles of white sand beaches backed by lush jungles. The south also boasts lush forests filled with diverse wildlife as well as numerous national parks where travelers can enjoy activities such as hiking, mountain biking and kayaking. No matter what type of scenery you're looking for during your travels, Vietnam has something special to offer every nature enthusiast who visits!             

Rich Culture and History

Vietnam is a country with a long and fascinating history, making it the perfect destination for travelers seeking to explore its rich culture. During your backpacking tour, you'll have the opportunity to visit ancient sites such as the imperial city of Hue and Ho Chi Minh's mausoleum in Hanoi. You'll also get to experience traditional festivals and try local cuisine such as pho, a delicious noodle soup that is popular throughout the country. Additionally, you can explore stunning pagodas and temples, attend religious ceremonies or take part in tea ceremonies with locals. By immersing yourself in Vietnamese culture and history, you'll come away your backpacking tour with unforgettable memories!

Friendly Locals (Source: Collected)

Friendly Locals

Vietnamese people are known for their warm hospitality and welcoming nature. During your backpacking tour of Vietnam, you're sure to make many friends among the locals who will invite you their homes and share stories about their lives. It's always a great experience to connect with people different cultures and learn about their customs, beliefs and lifestyles. Many travelers find it quite rewarding to meet Vietnamese people and understand more about the country by engaging in meaningful conversations with those who live there.

Delicious Cuisine (Source: Collected)

Delicious Cuisine

Vietnamese cuisine is one of the best in Asia thanks to its unique flavor combinations and generous use of fresh herbs and spices. During your backpacking tour, be sure to try as many delicious dishes as you can! savory pho noodle soup to spicy papaya salad, there are endless options that will tantalize your taste buds. In addition to traditional Vietnamese fare, there are also plenty of international restaurants if you're craving something different. No matter what type of cuisine you decide to enjoy, your backpacking tour will be full of delicious meals!

Affordable Travel

Vietnam is an incredibly affordable destination for backpackers looking to explore the country on a budget. There are plenty of cheap hostels and hotels where travelers can stay during their trip, as well as many street food vendors offering delicious and inexpensive dishes. Transportation is also very affordable with buses, trains, taxis and motorbike-taxi services available throughout the country. Additionally, there are numerous shops that sell souvenirs at discounted prices so you can take home some unique mementos your travels without breaking the bank. With all these great options, you can enjoy your backpacking tour of Vietnam without having to worry about spending too much money!

Safety and Security

Vietnam is a very safe country for travelers and the crime rate is low compared to other parts of Southeast Asia. However, it's always important to be aware of your surroundings and use common sense when exploring the country. The locals are very friendly and accommodating so if you run any issues during your travels, they will be more than happy to help. Additionally, there are plenty of police officers patrolling the streets in towns and cities, as well as armed guards at tourist attractions such as museums and monuments. With all these measures in place, you can rest assured that your backpacking tour of Vietnam will be a safe and secure experience.

Abundant Activities (Source: Collected)

Abundant Activities

You'll never find yourself bored on a backpacking tour in Vietnam since there are so many activities to keep you entertained! visiting historical monuments and exploring ancient cities to trying out adrenaline-filled sports such as bungee jumping and zip lining, the country is full of exciting opportunities for adventure. You can also take part in cultural events such as folk festivals or traditional dance performances, go shopping at local markets or enjoy some relaxation time by the beach. With all its amazing attractions, your backpacking tour of Vietnam will be an unforgettable experience!

Excellent Shopping

If you love shopping then you should definitely take advantage of all the great bargains that can be found in Vietnam. local shops selling handmade items to hip boutiques offering the latest trends, there are plenty of places to go shopping during your backpacking tour. You can also pick up some souvenirs and gifts at great prices, or even try your hand at bargaining with street vendors. With all its fantastic deals, Vietnam is a shopper's paradise!

Backpacking Vietnam Tour is an amazing experience for anyone looking to explore Southeast Asia. its delicious food and affordable travel to its abundance of activities and natural beauty, it's a destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you're a first-time traveler or a seasoned backpacker, this adventure will be one you'll never forget! So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book your ticket, and start planning your ultimate backpacking tour of Vietnam at Sao La Tours today!

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