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Hanoi City Tour Itinerary: Exploring the Wonders of Hanoi

Posted By: Richard Roeffen / Vietnam Travel Guides
Hanoi City Tour Itinerary - A comprehensive guide outlining the suggested activities and attractions to be visited during a city tour of Hanoi. This itinerary offers a well-organized plan to explore the vibrant streets, historical landmarks, cultural sites, and culinary delights of Hanoi, ensuring a memorable and immersive experience in Vietnam's capital.

What to know before your visit to Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi Old Quarter, Vietnam

Hanoi Old Quarter, Vietnam - (Source: Collected)

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is known for its rich history, diverse culture, and vibrant street life. Before embarking on your trip to Hanoi, it is essential to gather some important information to make the most of your visit.

Visa Requirements

Before traveling to Vietnam, it is important to check the visa requirements for your country. Many nationalities require a visa to enter Vietnam, while others may be eligible for visa-free entry for a certain period. It is advisable to apply for a visa well in advance to avoid any last-minute complications.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Hanoi experiences a tropical monsoon climate, with distinctive seasons throughout the year. The best time to visit Hanoi is during the cooler months from October to April when the weather is mild and pleasant. However, it is important to note that Hanoi can be quite crowded during the peak tourist season, so book your accommodations and activities in advance.

Currency and Language

The official currency of Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong (VND). While credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants, and larger establishments, it is recommended to carry cash for smaller transactions and local markets. The primary language spoken in Hanoi is Vietnamese, but English is also spoken and understood in tourist areas and hotels.

Cultural Etiquette

It is important to respect the local customs and traditions when visiting Hanoi. When entering temples or pagodas, remember to dress modestly and take off your shoes. It is also customary to greet people with a slight bow or nod. Avoid public displays of affection, as they may be considered inappropriate in Vietnamese culture.

Health and Safety

Before traveling to Hanoi, it is recommended to check with your healthcare provider regarding necessary vaccinations. It is also important to have travel insurance to cover any unforeseen medical expenses. Hanoi is generally a safe city, but it is always advisable to take common precautions like keeping your belongings secure and being cautious of your surroundings.

Suggested Hanoi itinerary 1 day tour

Hanoi is a city that offers a plethora of attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. If you have only one day to explore the city, here is a suggested itinerary to make the most of your time in Hanoi.

Hoan Kiem Lake

Start your day with a visit to Hoan Kiem Lake, a serene oasis in the heart of Hanoi. Take a leisurely stroll around the lake, and if you're lucky, you might spot locals practicing tai chi or playing traditional games. Don't forget to visit Ngoc Son Temple, situated on a small island in the lake.

Temple of Literature

Next, head to the Temple of Literature, Vietnam's first national university. This beautiful complex dates back to the 11th century and is dedicated to Confucius. Explore the gardens, admire the ancient architecture, and learn about the country's history and education system.

Old Quarter

No visit to Hanoi is complete without experiencing the bustling streets of the Old Quarter. Lose yourself in the maze of narrow lanes and alleyways, lined with colorful shopfronts and traditional houses. Don't miss out on sampling the delicious street food and shopping for souvenirs.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Pay your respects to Vietnam's beloved leader by visiting the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. This monumental building houses the embalmed body of Ho Chi Minh and is an important symbol of the country's history. Note that the mausoleum is closed on Mondays and Fridays, and proper attire is required.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum - (Source: Collected)

Water Puppet Show

Wrap up your day with a traditional water puppet show, a unique art form that originated in the villages of the Red River Delta. Watch as intricately carved wooden puppets perform on water, accompanied by live music and storytelling. It is an enchanting cultural experience you won't want to miss.

The best local eateries in Hanoi

Hanoi boasts a vibrant food scene, with a myriad of local eateries serving up delectable dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. Here are some of the best places to indulge in authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Hanoi.

Pho Gia Truyen

Pho Gia Truyen is a legendary eatery known for its mouth-watering pho, a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup. This humble, no-frills establishment has been serving pho for decades and continues to attract locals and tourists alike. Be prepared to queue up, as it's always busy.

Bun Cha Huong Lien

If you're a fan of grilled pork, Bun Cha Huong Lien is a must-visit. This unassuming restaurant gained international fame when it hosted former US President Barack Obama for a meal. Try their signature dish, bun cha, which consists of grilled pork, vermicelli noodles, fresh herbs, and dipping sauce.

Cha Ca Thang Long

If you're craving seafood, head to Cha Ca Thang Long, a restaurant that specializes in cha ca, a Vietnamese fish dish. Here, you'll be served a sizzling pan of marinated fish, grilled tableside, and accompanied by an array of herbs, rice noodles, peanuts, and sauce. It's a true Hanoi culinary delight.

Quan An Ngon

For those looking to sample a variety of Vietnamese dishes in one place, Quan An Ngon is the perfect choice. This restaurant features an extensive menu with an array of classics such as banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake), nem (spring rolls), and banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich). The vibrant ambiance adds to the overall dining experience.

Egg Coffee at Cafe Giang

No visit to Hanoi is complete without trying the famous egg coffee, and Cafe Giang is the place to go. This hidden gem is known for its rich and velvety coffee topped with a creamy egg yolk mixture. Indulge in this unique and decadent Hanoi specialty while enjoying the cozy atmosphere of the cafe.

Where to stay in Hanoi if you just have only one night

If you find yourself with only one night in Hanoi, it's important to choose a centrally located accommodation that allows you to make the most of your limited time. Here are some recommended areas to consider for your brief stay in Hanoi.

Hoan Kiem District

Hoan Kiem District is the historical and cultural heart of Hanoi, making it an ideal place to stay for a short visit. It is home to popular attractions such as Hoan Kiem Lake, the Old Quarter, and the Temple of Literature. This area also offers a wide range of accommodation options, from budget hostels to luxury hotels.

French Quarter

If you prefer a more sophisticated and elegant atmosphere, consider staying in the French Quarter. This area showcases Hanoi's colonial heritage, with its tree-lined boulevards, grand architecture, and upscale hotels. It is also home to several fine dining restaurants and trendy cafes.

Tay Ho District

If you're looking for a quieter and more peaceful setting, Tay Ho District, also known as the West Lake area, is a great choice. Located slightly further from the city center, this district offers beautiful views of the lake and is known for its expat community. There are a number of boutique hotels and lakeside resorts to choose from.

Ba Dinh District

If you're interested in history and politics, consider staying in Ba Dinh District. This area is home to key landmarks such as the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Presidential Palace, and the One Pillar Pagoda. It offers a mix of budget and mid-range accommodations, making it suitable for different budgets.

Regardless of where you choose to stay, it's advisable to book your accommodation in advance, especially during peak tourist season, to ensure availability.

Useful Hanoi travel tips

Hanoi City Tour 1 Day: Cyclo tour

Hanoi City Tour 1 Day: Cyclo tour - (Source: Collected)

Hanoi, with its unique blend of tradition and modernity, can be a captivating city to explore. Here are some useful tips to help you make the most of your trip to Hanoi.


When getting around Hanoi, consider using a combination of walking, cyclos (bicycle rickshaws), taxis, and ride-hailing services like Grab. Traffic in Hanoi can be chaotic, especially during peak hours, so plan your journeys accordingly and allow extra time for travel.

Street Crossing

Crossing the streets in Hanoi can be an adventure in itself, as traffic rarely stops. To navigate the streets safely, wait for a gap in traffic and walk slowly and steadily across the road. Drivers are accustomed to pedestrians and will maneuver their way around you.


When shopping at local markets or street stalls, it is common practice to bargain for a better price. Start by offering a lower price than the initial asking price and be prepared to negotiate with the seller until a mutually agreeable price is reached.

Drinking Water

Tap water in Hanoi is not safe to drink. It is advisable to drink bottled water or use a water purifier if available. Many hotels and restaurants provide complimentary bottled water, so be sure to ask for it when dining out or staying at accommodations.

Cultural Sensitivity

Respect the local culture and customs by dressing modestly when visiting temples or pagodas. It is also important to remove your shoes before entering these religious sites. Be mindful and ask for permission before taking photos of locals, as some may appreciate the gesture while others may find it intrusive.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can have a hassle-free and enjoyable travel experience in Hanoi, Vietnam.


If you are planning a trip to Vietnam and looking for a comprehensive Hanoi tour package, then a 3-day itinerary will give you the perfect taste of this vibrant city. Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a fascinating blend of ancient traditions and modern influences. From delicious street food to stunning historical landmarks, there is so much to see and do in Hanoi. This article will guide you through a 3-day itinerary that covers the best of what this city has to offer.

Day 1: Street food & The Old Quarter

Explore the Old Quarter

Start your first day in Hanoi by immersing yourself in the bustling streets of the Old Quarter. This historic neighborhood is known for its narrow alleyways, traditional shophouses, and vibrant markets. Take a leisurely stroll through the streets, soak up the atmosphere, and marvel at the architecture that dates back to the 13th century.

Savor the street food

No visit to Hanoi is complete without trying the famous street food. Sample mouthwatering dishes like pho (Vietnamese noodle soup), banh mi (baguette sandwich), and bun cha (grilled pork with noodles). Explore the bustling food markets and indulge in the flavors of Vietnam. Don't forget to try the iconic egg coffee, a Hanoi specialty.

Day 2: A day of sight-seeing

Hanoi Train Street

Hanoi Train Street - (Source: Collected)

Visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Start your second day with a visit to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, where you can pay your respects to the revered leader of Vietnam. Explore the surrounding Ho Chi Minh Complex, which includes the Presidential Palace, Ho Chi Minh's stilt house, and the One Pillar Pagoda.

Explore the Temple of Literature

Continue your sight-seeing by visiting the Temple of Literature, Vietnam's first national university. This well-preserved complex dates back to the 11th century and showcases Vietnamese architecture and Confucian influences. Stroll through the beautiful gardens and admire the ancient stone pavilions and shrines.

Visit the Hoan Kiem Lake

End your day with a visit to the picturesque Hoan Kiem Lake. Explore the Ngoc Son Temple, located on an island in the lake, and learn about the legend of the Golden Turtle. Take a leisurely walk around the lake and soak in the serene atmosphere. Don't miss the iconic red bridge, which adds charm to the already beautiful scenery.

Day 3: Cooking class & West Lake

Take a cooking class

On your final day in Hanoi, immerse yourself in the local culture by taking a cooking class. Learn to prepare traditional Vietnamese dishes under the guidance of a local chef. Start your day with a visit to a local market to learn about Vietnamese ingredients and then head to a cooking school to sharpen your culinary skills. Enjoy a delicious meal using the dishes you've prepared.

Explore West Lake

After your cooking class, head to the tranquil West Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes in Hanoi. Take a leisurely stroll along the lakeshore and admire the beautiful scenery. Visit the Tran Quoc Pagoda, the oldest pagoda in Vietnam, and learn about its rich history. Enjoy a relaxing boat ride on the lake and unwind amidst the peaceful surroundings.

Other things to do in Hanoi

Hanoi Street Food Tour

Hanoi Street Food Tour - (Source: Collected)

In addition to the recommended itinerary, there are several other places to visit in Hanoi. Some popular options include:

Ho Tay Water Park

If you're traveling with children or looking for some fun and adventure, Ho Tay Water Park is a great option. Enjoy thrilling water slides, wave pools, and a lazy river for a day full of water-based excitement.

Ho Chi Minh Museum

For history enthusiasts, a visit to the Ho Chi Minh Museum is a must. Discover the life and legacy of Ho Chi Minh through exhibits that showcase his revolutionary activities and contributions to Vietnam's struggle for independence.

Hanoi Opera House

Architecture and arts lovers should not miss a chance to visit the Hanoi Opera House. This magnificent building, built in French colonial style, is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city. Catch a performance or simply admire the grand façade and intricate details.

With this 3-day itinerary, you can experience the best of Hanoi, from exploring the charming Old Quarter to savoring delicious street food and immersing yourself in the rich culture and history of the city. Whether you're a foodie, history buff, or simply looking to soak in the vibrant atmosphere, Hanoi has something to offer for everyone.

Planning your trip to Hanoi

When planning a trip to Vietnam, one cannot overlook the captivating city of Hanoi. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, Hanoi offers a multitude of experiences for every traveler. Whether you are a history buff, an adventure seeker, or a food lover, Hanoi is sure to leave you mesmerized. To make the most of your visit to this enchanting city, it is essential to plan your trip well in advance.

Choosing the right time to visit

Hanoi experiences a humid subtropical climate, with distinct seasons. The best time to visit Hanoi is during the autumn months of September to November or the spring months of March to April when the weather is pleasant and temperatures are mild. Avoid visiting during the summer months, as the city can get unbearably hot and humid. It is also advisable to check the weather forecast before your trip to ensure you pack accordingly.

Booking accommodations

Hanoi offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. From luxurious hotels to cozy guesthouses, there is something for everyone. It is advisable to research and book your accommodations in advance, especially during the peak tourist season, to secure the best deals and availability.

Arranging transportation

Getting around Hanoi is relatively easy, thanks to its well-connected transportation system. Upon arrival at Noi Bai International Airport, you can choose to take a taxi, private transfer, or public bus to the city center. It is recommended to prearrange airport transfers to avoid any hassles. Within the city, you can explore Hanoi by foot, ride a bicycle, take a cyclo (three-wheeled bicycle taxi), or use ride-hailing services such as Grab. The city is also well-connected by public buses and taxis, making it convenient to visit different attractions.

Researching and booking tours

To make the most of your time in Hanoi and explore its surrounding areas, it is highly recommended to book a vietnam tours package that includes visits to popular destinations like Sapa and Halong Bay. These packages offer convenience and often include transportation, accommodations, and guided tours. Take your time to research different tour packages and choose one that suits your preferences and budget.

Experience the Best of Hanoi

Hanoi, the vibrant capital city of Vietnam, is a treasure trove of unique experiences. From exploring its historical sites to indulging in delectable street food, Hanoi has something to offer to every traveler. To truly experience the best of this captivating city, here are a few must-do activities:

Visit the Temple of Literature

The Temple of Literature, dedicated to Confucius and Vietnam's first national university, is a symbol of Hanoi's rich history and cultural heritage. Explore its stunning architecture, serene courtyards, and learn about the country's scholarly past.

Take a stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake

Located in the heart of Hanoi, Hoan Kiem Lake is a peaceful oasis amidst the bustling city. Take a leisurely walk around the lake, visit the iconic Turtle Tower, and enjoy the tranquility. Don't miss the opportunity to witness locals practicing tai chi and participating in various recreational activities.

Indulge in the flavors of Hanoi's street food

No visit to Hanoi is complete without savoring its mouthwatering street food. From the famous pho (noodle soup) to banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) and bun cha (grilled pork with noodles), the culinary scene in Hanoi will delight every food lover. Take a food tour or venture into the bustling streets to discover hidden food stalls and try the local delicacies.

Explore the Old Quarter

The Old Quarter of Hanoi is a maze of narrow streets filled with shops, cafes, and traditional houses. Lose yourself in the enchanting ambiance as you explore its bustling markets, artisan workshops, and ancient temples. Don't forget to shop for unique souvenirs and handicrafts to commemorate your visit.

Discover Hanoi with Our City Tour Itinerary

Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam - (Source: Collected)

If you're short on time and want to make the most of your visit to Hanoi, our city tour itinerary is the perfect solution. This carefully curated itinerary will take you through the city's major attractions, giving you a taste of its rich culture and history.

Day 1: Exploring the Old Quarter

Start your day with a visit to the iconic Hoan Kiem Lake and take in the mesmerizing scenery. From there, venture into the bustling streets of the Old Quarter, where you can shop for souvenirs, try delicious street food, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere. Don't forget to visit the Dong Xuan Market, the largest and oldest market in Hanoi, offering a wide range of goods and local products.

Day 2: Historical Sites and Cultural Gems

On the second day, delve into Hanoi's rich history with visits to historical sites such as the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Presidential Palace, and the One Pillar Pagoda. Explore the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology to learn about the country's diverse ethnic groups and their traditions. Wrap up the day with a traditional water puppet show, a unique form of Vietnamese folk art.

Day 3: Tranquility and Serenity

Spend your third day exploring Hanoi's more peaceful side. Visit the Temple of Literature, known as Vietnam's first national university, and bask in its serene atmosphere. Enjoy a leisurely stroll around the West Lake and enjoy panoramic views of the city. End the day with a visit to the peaceful Tran Quoc Pagoda, one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Hanoi.

Explore the Charm of Hanoi: City Tour Itinerary

If you have a little more time to spare, our extended city tour itinerary will allow you to delve deeper into Hanoi's charm and uncover hidden gems.

Day 1: Discover the French Influence

Start your exploration with a visit to the historic Hoa Lo Prison, also known as the "Hanoi Hilton," which serves as a stark reminder of Vietnam's tumultuous past. Explore the French Quarter, characterized by its beautiful colonial-era architecture and tree-lined boulevards. Visit the stately Hanoi Opera House and enjoy a refreshing walk around the picturesque Truc Bach Lake.

Day 2: Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting the vibrant Long Bien Market, where you can witness the bustling trade and interact with the friendly vendors. Explore the Thang Long Imperial Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and learn about its historical significance. End the day with a traditional Vietnamese cooking class, where you can master the art of preparing authentic Vietnamese dishes.

Day 3: Nature's Beauty

Escape the city's hustle and bustle and embark on a day trip to the picturesque Ninh Binh province, often referred to as "Halong Bay on land." Admire the breathtaking scenery as you cruise along the Tam Coc River, surrounded by towering limestone karsts and lush green rice paddies. Explore the ancient temples of Hoa Lu, the capital of Vietnam during the Dinh and Le dynasties.

Unveiling Hanoi's Hidden Gems: City Tour Itinerary

If you are an adventurous traveler seeking off-the-beaten-path experiences, our hidden gems itinerary will take you to lesser-known corners of Hanoi.

Day 1: Eclectic Neighborhoods

Start your journey by exploring Hanoi's lesser-known neighborhoods. Venture into the artistic enclave of Tay Ho and discover its vibrant street art, quirky boutiques, and trendy cafes. Explore the atmospheric Ba Dinh neighborhood and stumble upon hidden art galleries and unique shops. End the day with a visit to the vibrant Quang Ba Flower Market, where you can witness the bustling trade of flowers.

Day 2: Authentic Local Experiences

Immerse yourself in the local way of life with visits to Hanoi's lesser-explored markets. Start with Chau Long Market, known for its fresh produce and bustling atmosphere. Savor the flavors of Vietnam by trying street food specialties that are popular among the locals. Indulge in a traditional Vietnamese coffee at a local cafe and engage in conversations with the friendly locals.

Day 3: Nature Retreat

Escape the city and venture into Hanoi's surrounding countryside. Visit Van Long Nature Reserve, one of the most important wetland areas in Vietnam, and embark on a boat ride through its pristine landscapes. Explore the scenic Perfume Pagoda, a complex of Buddhist temples nestled in the Huong Tich Mountains. End your journey with a visit to the tranquil Bat Trang ceramics village, known for its traditional pottery.

No matter which itinerary you choose, a visit to Hanoi promises to be an unforgettable experience. From its rich history and culture to its stunning landscapes and mouthwatering cuisine, this captivating city has something to offer to every traveler. So, pack your bags and embark on a journey to discover the wonders of Hanoi and the rest of Vietnam.


The Hanoi City Tour Itinerary offers travelers a comprehensive exploration of the captivating Vietnamese capital. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse attractions, Hanoi is a city that has something for everyone. From the historical sites in the Old Quarter to the lush greenery of the West Lake, Hanoi presents a myriad of experiences waiting to be discovered.

One cannot miss the chance to explore the iconic landmarks such as the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Temple of Literature, and the Hoan Kiem Lake. These places not only offer a glimpse into the city's past but also showcase its architectural marvels.

For those looking to venture further, a Hanoi Sapa Halong Bay tour package is highly recommended. This combination allows travelers to witness the breathtaking landscapes of Sapa's terraced rice fields, the mystical beauty of Halong Bay's limestone islands, and immerse themselves in the traditions of the local hill tribes.

North Vietnam itinerary 10 days is an ideal plan for exploring the wonders of the region. From the charming streets of Hanoi to the remote villages of Mai Chau and the vibrant markets of Sapa, this itinerary captures the essence of Northern Vietnam's cultural diversity and natural beauty.

In conclusion, a Hanoi city tour itinerary is a gateway to discovering the hidden gems and fascinating heritage of this enchanting city. Whether exploring the historical sites or embarking on a longer journey to Sapa and Halong Bay, Vietnam offers a world of unforgettable experiences and unforgettable memories.

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