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Honeymoon Vacation in Vietnam: 15 Things to Do in Vietnam for Honeymoon

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
Whether you’re searching for adventure or relaxation, Vietnam offers something for everyone. Here are 12 things to do during your honeymoon vacation in Vietnam!

Vietnam is a beautiful and romantic destination for honeymooners looking to explore the wonderful culture, stunning landscapes, delicious cuisine, and rich history of this amazing country. Whether you’re searching for adventure or relaxation, Vietnam offers something for everyone. beach-side resorts to bustling cities, there are plenty of activities that will make your honeymoon one to remember. Here are 15 things to do during your honeymoon vacation in Vietnam!

Honeymoon Vacation in Vietnam

Honeymoon Vacation in Vietnam (Source: Collected)

1. Immerse in Da Nang Beach:

Da Nang Beach is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Vietnam. It’s the perfect backdrop to spend quality time with your partner as you enjoy leisure activities such as swimming, lounging on the beach, or watching a romantic sunset. The Da Nang is beachfront also offers plenty of restaurants, bars, and clubs for those looking for a night out.

Places to visit in Vietnam for honeymoon (Source: Collected)


2. Explore the Imperial City in Hue During:

Hue is home to the ancient Imperial City, which was once the political center of Vietnam during the 1800s. This city was home to the Nguyen Dynasty and offers visitors a peek Vietnam’s rich past. Exploring this area is a must for any honeymoon as it provides stunning views, impressive architecture, and a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Vietnam best places for honeymoon (Source: Collected)


3. Explore the Romantic City Da Lat:

Da Lat is Vietnam’s most romantic city and the perfect destination for a honeymoon. This charming area is filled with stunning scenery, lush green hills, and rolling valleys. It has a temperate climate that makes it ideal for exploring the beautiful countryside and enjoying activities such as hiking, biking, and boating on its many lakes.

Places to visit in Vietnam for honeymoon (Source: Collected)


4. Sail along the Ninh Binh Rivers:

For an unforgettable experience, consider sailing along the Ninh Binh rivers. This romantic cruise lets you explore the peaceful views of Vietnam’s countryside and take in the beauty of its lush vegetation, limestone cliffs, and serene villages. The cruise also offers the opportunity to taste some local delicacies such as spring rolls or Vietnamese pancakes.

Honeymoon Vietnam tourist places (Source: Collected)


5. Visit the Capital Ha Noi - Honeymoon Vacation in Vietnam:

Ha Noi, the capital city of Vietnam, is a must-see destination for any honeymoon. This bustling city has something to offer everyone, its modern architecture and vibrant nightlife to its ancient temples and traditional markets. Take the time to explore this city and make sure to visit the iconic Hoan Kiem Lake.

Honeymoon Vietnam tourist places (Source: Collected)


6. Explore Cu Chi Tunnels:

Take a step back in time as you explore Cu Chi Tunnels, a network of tunnels used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War. Tour guides will take you through the winding passages and teach you about the history of the war, giving you an unforgettable experience.

Honeymoon holidays Vietnam (Source: Collected)


7. Visit Ho Chi Minh City on Your Honeymoon Vacation in Vietnam:

No honeymoon in Vietnam would be complete without a visit to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon). This bustling metropolis is where the old meets the new, with ancient pagodas, colonial French architecture, and modern skyscrapers all coexisting in harmony! There are plenty of cultural sites to explore, markets to shop at, and delicious restaurants to try.

Honeymoon holidays Vietnam (Source: Collected)


8. Take a Cruise on Halong Bay:

Enjoy incredible views your very own boat as you take a scenic cruise on Halong Bay. This picturesque bay is full of limestone outcroppings and caves, which you can explore while learning about the area’s native wildlife.

Places in Vietnam for honeymoon (Source: Collected)


9. Visit Ha Giang Province

Ha Giang Province is known for its spectacular mountainous scenery and rugged terrain. Take in the stunning views as you drive along winding mountain roads or trek through the rice terraces – whichever way you choose to explore this region, it will be an unforgettable experience!

Places in Vietnam for honeymoon (Source: Collected)


10. Cycle Between Danang and Hoi An:

For those looking for a more active adventure, consider renting bicycles for a day trip between Danang and Hoi An. This route takes you past stunning countryside with plenty of chances to take in the stunning views – and you'll also get a taste of the local cuisine along the way!

Vietnam honeymoon places (Source: Collected)


11. Scuba Dive off Phu Quoc Island:

Phu Quoc is an island paradise with some amazing scuba diving opportunities. There are many coral reefs, shipwrecks, and sea creatures to explore, giving you a truly unique experience for your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Vacation in Vietnam (Source: Collected)


12. Sample Local Cuisine:

Vietnam is known for its delicious cuisine, so be sure to sample the local favorites while on your honeymoon! street food stalls to high-end restaurants, there’s something for everyone here – just make sure you come hungry!

Vietnam honeymoon places (Source: Collected)


13. Take a Trip to Sapa:

Sapa is an idyllic mountain town with stunning scenery, lush vegetation, and friendly locals. Here you can hike through rolling hills and terraced rice paddies, or explore the nearby villages for a glimpse of traditional life in the area.

14. Attend the Flower Festival:

For those visiting Vietnam during April or May, be sure to attend the Hue Flower Festival! This vibrant event features colorful parades, performances local artists, and plenty of food stalls serving up delicious regional dishes.

15. Go Shopping in Hoi An:

No honeymoon would be complete without some shopping! Hoi An is known as one of the best places to shop in Vietnam, with its bustling markets and streets lined with tailors. Here you can find everything traditional Vietnamese clothing to modern souvenirs – perfect for bringing home a memorable piece of your honeymoon!

No matter what type of adventure you’re looking for during your honeymoon vacation in Vietnam, there’s sure to be something that suits your tastes. thrilling elephant rides to relaxing boat cruises, these 15 activities will help make your time in Vietnam an unforgettable experience. So go ahead – plan the perfect honeymoon vacation in Vietnam with Sao La Tours and explore all that this stunning country has to offer!

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