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The best Vietnam travel advisor voted by travelers in 2022

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
The role of a Vietnam travel advisor is getting more and more recognition as the tourism sector has continuously evolved in the last decade.

The role of a Vietnam travel advisor is getting more and more recognition as the tourism sector has continuously evolved in the last decade. We’re in the digital era, where almost everything is accessible through the use of smart devices and the internet. This is one of the reasons why travel advisors are gaining a bigger advantage over the old-school travel agents. Let’s find out the best travel advisors in Vietnam in 2022 voted by travelers.

What’s the difference between a Travel advisor and travel agent?

Travel agents

Travel agents refer to companies who help the customers to book flights, accommodation, entrance tickets to the tourist attractions and any other services related to the trip. In short, the old-school travel agents only assume the role of order-takers.

Travel advisors

With the internet at hand, travelers can now access almost any information they need. However, sometimes the volume of information can be too much to take in, not to mention the fake companies or scammers. This is where travel advisors come in and do their job. With long years experience in the travel sector, they can provide you with all the essential information, helping you to save precious time browsing through different websites.

The travel advisors have all the needed resources, connections as well as key contacts to come up with the best offers for their customers. Their travel-planning process is also optimized and personalized according to each client’s preferences.

Travel advisors are considered an evolved form of travel agents - Vietnam travel advisor

Travel advisors are considered an evolved form of travel agents (Source: Collected)

What are the tasks of a Travel advisor?

Some people may ask: What exactly do travel advisors do? A travel advisor takes on different tasks, including:

  • Plan the whole trip (booking planes, making accommodation reservations, organizing transportation, arranging events)

  • Balance out the budget for the trip (if required by clients)

  • Make recommendations and suggestions of destinations, services and provide clients with useful travel tips

  • Offer customers the latest and useful information and travel-related materials, such as guides, maps, reviews, recent news, weather conditions, prices, required documents etc.

  • Make sure that everything on your trip goes according to plan and handle any problem that may occur.

The tasks of a Vietnam travel advisor

The tasks of a Vietnam travel advisor (Source: Collected)

Why should you choose a Travel advisor?

Working with a travel advisor makes it way easier for you to plan your trip to Vietnam. Below are the main reasons why more and more tourists are choosing travel advisors instead of travel agents:

  • Travel advisors personalize your trip by handling your accommodation, flight bookings, restaurant reservations, entrance and show tickets. By working directly with the executive team of hotels or restaurants, the advisors always get the preferential prices, which help you save a significant amount of money for your trip.

  • Thanks to the preferred vendor relationships, Travel advisors can help their customers with extra advantages such as early check-in, wifi, breakfast, room upgrades and many more.

  • Once you’ve become a regular customer, the advisors can provide you with useful recommendations for new trips, hotel or flight ticket promotions etc.

  • When making reservations, the advisors use personal contacts, which are inaccessible through online research or normal booking systems.

  • Travel advisors customize every aspect of the trip according to your liking, which gives you the best travel experience you’ve ever had.

Vietnam travel advisors save you lots of time doing research

Travel advisor save you lots of time doing research (Source: Collected)

Best Travel advisor in 2022 - Sao La Tours

With more than 8 years in the tourism industry, Sao La Tours is one of the best travel advisors in Vietnam. We aim to make travel affordable and accessible for everyone. With Sao La Tours, there are no package tours or fixed dates, we work with every client individually to plan a vacation that truly fit their preferences. Here are the reasons why Sao La Tours is always highly appreciated by travelers all over the world:

Personal travel consultant

the beginning of your trip until the very last moment, you’ll always have 24/7 support our local consultant.

Knowledge, experience and unlimited options

Sao La Tours provides customers with limitless options destinations, hotels to restaurants, transportation and so on. We know how to organize the best trip to Vietnam no matter what your type of travel experience you want and what your budget is.

Attention to detail

Sao La Tours pay attention to the tiniest detail of your trip. We handle the whole process of trip planning and anticipate all of the unexpected situations. We’re always willing to give you answers to all of your concerns regarding the trip.

Sao La Tours accompany you through every moment of your trip - Vietnam travel advisor

Sao La Tours accompany you through every moment of your trip (Source: Collected)

As a reliable Travel advisor, Sao La Tours customize each and every trip to fit our customers instead of fitting our clients travel. We bring about important changes that truly take your travel experience to a whole new level. Explore our website for detailed tour itineraries or send us an email so that we can personalize vacation in Vietnam today.

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