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Vietnam Family Explorations: Unforgettable Tours for 2024

Posted By: Christina Lee / Vietnam Travel Guides
Vietnam Family Tour Package offers exciting holiday packages for families visiting Vietnam in 2024. These packages provide a comprehensive travel experience, including accommodation, transportation, and guided tours to popular destinations in Vietnam. Enjoy quality time with your loved ones while exploring the rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and delicious cuisine of Vietnam with these specially curated family tour packages.

Find The Best Tours

Vietnam family tour package 2024: Halong Bay

Vietnam family tour package 2024: Halong Bay - (Source: Collected)

Planning a family tour to Vietnam can be an exciting endeavor. With its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and delicious cuisine, Vietnam offers a range of experiences for every traveler. However, with so many Vietnam travel companies and tour packages available, finding the best tours for your family can be overwhelming. To ensure a memorable and hassle-free trip, it is important to consider several factors when choosing a tour.

Research and Reviews

One of the first steps in finding the best vietnam tours package for your family is conducting thorough research. Look for reputable travel companies that specialize in family tours and have a good track record of customer satisfaction. Read reviews and testimonials from previous clients to get an idea of their experiences with the company and the quality of their tours.

Expertise and Local Knowledge

When selecting a tour, it is crucial to choose a company that possesses expertise and local knowledge. Opt for travel companies that have a deep understanding of Vietnam's culture, history, and attractions. They should be able to provide insightful guidance and recommendations based on your family's interests and preferences.

Flexibility and Personalization

Family tours often require flexibility to accommodate different age groups and interests. Look for tour packages that offer customizable options, allowing you to tailor the itinerary to suit your family's needs. This could include adjusting the pace of the tour, adding additional activities or excursions, or selecting specific accommodations that cater to families.

Customize Vietnam Family Tours with Us

At our Vietnam travel company, we understand the importance of creating unique and personalized experiences for your family. We offer a wide range of customizable Vietnam tour packages that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and preferences.

Expert Tour Planners

Our team of experienced tour planners will work closely with you to understand your family's interests and preferences. They will then create a customized itinerary that encompasses the best sights, activities, and accommodations to ensure a memorable and enjoyable trip for your family.

Flexible Itineraries

We understand that every family is unique, with different interests and needs. Our tour packages can be easily modified based on the size and age range of your family. From cultural attractions to outdoor adventures, we will design an itinerary that caters to everyone's interests and ensures a fun-filled experience for all.

Local Experiences

Immerse your family in the local culture by including authentic experiences in your personalized itinerary. Whether it's learning to cook Vietnamese cuisine, exploring local markets, or participating in traditional activities, our tours offer opportunities to connect with the vibrant Vietnamese culture and create lasting memories.

Best Time to Visit Vietnam for Your Family Tours

Hoi An ancient town

Hoi An ancient town - (Source: Collected)

Choosing the best time to visit Vietnam for your family tours is crucial to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable trip. The climate in Vietnam varies significantly from region to region, so it's important to consider the weather conditions and plan accordingly.

North Vietnam (Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa)

The best time to visit North Vietnam is during the spring (March to April) and fall (September to November) seasons when the weather is generally mild and pleasant. These seasons offer comfortable temperatures for exploring Hanoi, cruising in Halong Bay, and trekking in Sapa.

Central Vietnam (Hue, Hoi An, Da Nang)

Central Vietnam experiences a tropical monsoon climate, with distinct wet and dry seasons. The ideal time to visit is during the months of February to August when the weather is dry and warm. This period offers the perfect conditions for exploring the ancient city of Hue, the charming town of Hoi An, and the beautiful beaches of Da Nang.

South Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta, Phu Quoc)

South Vietnam has a tropical climate with high humidity all year round. The dry season, which lasts from November to April, is the best time to visit this region. During this period, you can explore Ho Chi Minh City, take a cruise in the Mekong Delta, and relax on the pristine beaches of Phu Quoc.

Getting around with Kids in Vietnam

Vietnam Family Adventure - Create Unforgettable Memories Together!

Vietnam Family Adventure - Create Unforgettable Memories Together! - (Source: Collected)

Traveling with kids in Vietnam can be an enriching experience, but it requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some tips to make your family tour in Vietnam enjoyable and stress-free.

Choose Family-Friendly Accommodations

Look for accommodations that cater to families, such as hotels with spacious rooms, swimming pools, and play areas. Consider staying in homestays or resorts that offer a more immersive experience, allowing your children to interact with locals and learn about Vietnamese culture.

Transportation Options

When traveling within cities, consider using taxis or ride-hailing services for convenience and ease. For longer distances, domestic flights or overnight trains can be more comfortable for families compared to bus journeys. Plan your transportation in advance to ensure smooth transfers and minimize travel time.

Take Regular Breaks

Traveling with kids can be tiring, so remember to plan regular breaks to give everyone a chance to rest and recharge. Look for family-friendly attractions, parks, or playgrounds where your children can burn off some energy and have fun.

The Most Attractive Destinations for Vietnam Family Tours

Vietnam offers a plethora of attractions that are perfect for family tours. Here are some of the most attractive destinations that you should consider including in your itinerary:

Ho Chi Minh City

The bustling city of Ho Chi Minh City offers a mix of history, culture, and modernity. Visit popular attractions such as the Cu Chi Tunnels and War Remnants Museum, or take a cyclo ride through the vibrant streets of the city. Kids will enjoy exploring the interactive museums and entertainment centers.

Hoi An

The ancient town of Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its well-preserved architecture and charming atmosphere. Take a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets lined with old merchant houses, visit the Japanese Covered Bridge, and let your children join lantern-making workshops.


Hue, the former imperial capital of Vietnam, offers a glimpse into the country's rich history. Explore the ancient citadel, visit the royal tombs, and take a boat tour along the Perfume River. Kids will enjoy a traditional dragon boat ride and the interactive exhibits at the Hue Museum of Royal Fine Arts.

Halong Bay

A cruise through the stunning limestone karsts of Halong Bay is a must-do for families. Sail through the emerald waters, explore hidden caves, and go kayaking or swimming in the bay. Many cruises also offer activities like cooking classes and squid fishing, ensuring a memorable experience for the whole family.

When planning your Vietnam family tour, take into account these attractive destinations and consider customizing the itinerary to include a mix of cultural, historical, and outdoor activities that cater to your family's interests. With careful planning and the right Vietnam travel company, your family will have an unforgettable adventure in this captivating country.

Where to Stay in Vietnam for Family with Kids?

Vietnam is a fantastic destination for families, offering a wide range of accommodations suitable for travelers with children. Whether you prefer luxury resorts, budget-friendly options, or something in between, Vietnam has it all.

Family-Friendly Resorts

If you're looking for a luxurious stay, there are numerous resorts that cater specifically to families. These resorts offer spacious rooms or villas, kids' clubs with supervised activities, pools, and even private beaches. Some popular options include the Vinpearl Resort & Spa in Nha Trang and the Furama Resort in Da Nang.

Budget-Friendly Options

For those traveling on a tighter budget, Vietnam offers plenty of affordable accommodations that are still family-friendly. Guesthouses and budget hotels can provide comfortable rooms and basic amenities at a fraction of the cost of luxury resorts. The Old Quarter in Hanoi and the backpacker area in Ho Chi Minh City are great places to find budget-friendly options.

Serviced Apartments

If you're planning a longer stay in Vietnam or prefer more space and privacy, consider booking a serviced apartment. These apartments come fully furnished with kitchen facilities, making it easier to prepare meals for your family. They are available in major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Best Local Cuisine in Vietnam for Family Tours

Vietnamese cuisine is world-renowned for its vibrant flavors and delectable dishes. Exploring the local cuisine is a must for any family visiting Vietnam. Here are some must-try dishes that are perfect for family tours.


No visit to Vietnam is complete without trying the famous pho. This traditional Vietnamese noodle soup consists of flavorful broth, rice noodles, and a choice of meat such as beef or chicken. It's a hearty and comforting dish that both kids and adults will enjoy.

Banh Mi

Banh Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich that has gained international popularity. It typically consists of a fluffy baguette filled with a variety of ingredients such as meats, vegetables, herbs, and sauces. It's a great option for a quick and delicious meal on the go.

Goi Cuon

Goi Cuon, also known as fresh spring rolls, are a light and healthy Vietnamese dish. They are made by wrapping rice paper around a combination of fresh herbs, shrimp or pork, and vermicelli noodles. They are often served with a dipping sauce and make a refreshing appetizer or snack.

Local Festivals & Events for Family in Vietnam

Vietnam Family Tour: Danang

Vietnam Family Tour: Danang - (Source: Collected)

Vietnam is known for its vibrant festivals and cultural events throughout the year. Attending these celebrations can be a fantastic way for families to immerse themselves in the local culture. Here are some of the most popular festivals and events in Vietnam.

Tet Festival

Tet, also known as the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, is the most important traditional festival in Vietnam. It usually falls in late January or early February and is celebrated with fireworks, dragon dances, traditional games, and delicious food. It's a joyful time to visit Vietnam and experience the country's rich traditions.

Hoi An Lantern Festival

The Hoi An Lantern Festival takes place on the 14th day of each lunar month in the ancient town of Hoi An. During this event, the town is beautifully lit up with colorful lanterns. Families can participate in lantern-making workshops, release floating lanterns on the river, and enjoy traditional music and dance performances.

Mid-Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. It's a time for families to gather, enjoy mooncakes, and watch vibrant lion dances. Children often carry lanterns and participate in lantern parades, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Local Communities or Non-profit Organizations for Family in Vietnam

Engaging with local communities and non-profit organizations can provide families with unique experiences while also supporting worthy causes. Here are a few organizations and communities in Vietnam that offer family-friendly activities.


KOTO, which stands for "Know One, Teach One," is a non-profit organization in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. It aims to provide vocational training and life skills to disadvantaged youth. Families can visit KOTO's social enterprise restaurants, where they can enjoy delicious meals while supporting the education and training of local students.

Friends for Street Children

Friends for Street Children is an organization based in Ho Chi Minh City that focuses on helping street children and young people in need. They offer educational programs, medical assistance, and recreational activities to improve the lives of marginalized children. Families can volunteer or participate in fundraising events to support their initiatives.

Most Common Questions Families Ask Us

Vietnam family tour package: Kayaking in Halong Bay

Vietnam family tour package: Kayaking in Halong Bay - (Source: Collected)

Planning a family trip to Vietnam can spark many questions. Here are some of the most common questions families ask when organizing their Vietnam tours package.

Is Vietnam safe for families with kids?

Vietnam is generally a safe destination for families with kids. As with any travel, it's important to take normal precautions and be aware of your surroundings. Petty theft can occur in crowded areas, so it's advisable to keep an eye on your belongings and avoid displaying expensive items.

What are the recommended vaccinations for children traveling to Vietnam?

While no specific vaccinations are required to enter Vietnam, it's recommended to ensure routine vaccinations for children are up to date. Additionally, it's advisable to consult a healthcare professional for specific advice based on the child's immunization history and travel plans.

What are some child-friendly activities in Vietnam?

Vietnam offers a host of child-friendly activities to keep youngsters entertained. Families can enjoy boat trips in Halong Bay, explore the Cu Chi Tunnels near Ho Chi Minh City, visit water parks and amusement parks, and engage in traditional craft workshops. These activities cater to different ages and interests.

With its diverse accommodations, delicious cuisine, vibrant festivals, and opportunities to engage with local communities, Vietnam is an ideal destination for families looking to create lasting memories together. Plan your Hue Vietnam itinerary with family-friendly attractions and experiences to make the most of your visit to this beautiful country.

What is the Minimum Age for Kids to Join Vietnam Family Tours?

Two Most Stunning Beaches In Vietnam For Family Tour Packages | Sensation

Family Tour Packages: Nha Trang Beach - (Source: Collected)

The Benefits of Traveling to Vietnam with Kids

Traveling with kids can be a rewarding and educational experience for both parents and children. It allows families to bond, learn about different cultures, and create lasting memories. Vietnam, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, offers various attractions and activities that cater to families with children of all ages.

Age Restrictions for Vietnam Family Tours

While there is no strict minimum age requirement for kids to join Vietnam family tours, it is generally recommended that children are at least 5 years old. At this age, they are usually better able to handle the physical demands of traveling and can actively participate in the activities and sightseeing. Younger children may still join the tours, but certain activities may be challenging or not appropriate for them.

Considerations for Younger Children

For families traveling with toddlers or infants, it is essential to consider their specific needs and preferences. Some parents may prefer to opt for private tours or customize their itinerary to accommodate the needs of their younger children. It is also important to check with the chosen Vietnam travel company to ensure they can provide suitable transportation, accommodation, and facilities for families with younger children.

Are Outdoor Activities in Vietnam Family Tours Safe for Your Kids?

Vietnam Family Tour Package: Mua Cave, Ninh Binh

Vietnam Family Tour Package: Mua Cave, Ninh Binh - (Source: Collected)

Safety Measures and Precautions

Vietnam family tours prioritize the safety and well-being of all participants, including children. Tour operators ensure that outdoor activities are conducted with proper safety measures and precautions. Activities such as hiking, biking, and water sports are organized with experienced guides and instructors who prioritize the safety of all participants, including children.

Age-appropriate Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities in Vietnam family tours are carefully selected to ensure they are suitable for children of different ages. Easier hiking trails, gentle kayaking routes, and family-friendly bike tours are some examples of age-appropriate activities that families can enjoy together. It is important to communicate the age and physical abilities of your children to the tour operator so that they can recommend the most suitable activities for your family.

Parental Supervision

While tour operators prioritize safety, it is crucial for parents to provide appropriate supervision for their children throughout the outdoor activities. Parents should ensure their children understand and adhere to any safety instructions given by the guides. By being vigilant and engaged, parents can help create a safe and enjoyable experience for their children during the outdoor activities.

Will My Children Like Vietnamese Food?

A Variety of Flavors and Options

Vietnamese cuisine offers a wide variety of flavors, textures, and options that can appeal to children's palates. From fresh spring rolls and flavorful noodles to Vietnamese-style pancakes and tropical fruits, there is something to suit every taste. Most Vietnam family tours include opportunities to try local dishes, allowing children to experience the culinary delights of the country.

Child-friendly Alternatives

While Vietnamese cuisine is diverse and rich, tour operators understand that children may have specific preferences or dietary restrictions. Many restaurants in Vietnam offer child-friendly alternatives, such as familiar Western dishes or milder versions of local dishes. Tour operators can accommodate such requests and ensure that children have options they are comfortable with during meals.

Involving Children in Culinary Experiences

For families with adventurous eaters, Vietnam family tours can provide unique opportunities for children to learn about and engage in Vietnamese culinary experiences. From participating in cooking classes to visiting local markets and trying street food, children can develop a deeper appreciation for Vietnamese cuisine and culture.

What is the Accommodation Like in Vietnam Family Tours?

Family-friendly Accommodation Options

Vietnam family tours offer a range of accommodation options suitable for families traveling with children. Many hotels and resorts provide family rooms or interconnecting rooms, allowing parents and children to stay together comfortably. Some accommodations also offer facilities such as swimming pools, kids' clubs, and playgrounds to keep children entertained.

Special Requests and Preferences

When booking a Vietnam family tour, it is important to communicate any specific accommodation preferences or requirements to the travel company. This could include requests for cribs or additional beds, special dietary needs, or any accessibility concerns. Tour operators can work with their network of accommodations to ensure that your family's needs are met.

Homestay Experiences

For families looking for a more immersive cultural experience, Vietnam family tours may include homestay experiences. These allow families to stay with local families in traditional homes, providing a firsthand glimpse into Vietnamese daily life. Homestays often include shared meals, cultural activities, and the opportunity to interact with local children, enhancing the overall experience for families.

What is the Best Time for Joining Vietnam Family Tours?

Vietnam Family Tour : Mekong Delta

Vietnam Family Tour : Mekong Delta - (Source: Collected)

Considerations for Weather and Seasons

When planning to join a Vietnam family tour, it is important to consider the weather and seasons. Vietnam experiences regional variations in climate, with distinct wet and dry seasons. The best time to visit may vary depending on the specific regions and activities included in the itinerary. It is recommended to consult with the chosen Vietnam travel company or do thorough research to determine the ideal time for your family.

Avoiding Peak Tourist Seasons

If possible, families may choose to avoid peak tourist seasons when planning their Vietnam family tour. This can help reduce crowds and allow for a more intimate and enjoyable experience. However, it is important to ensure that the chosen time still provides favorable weather conditions and accessibility to the desired attractions.

Considering School Holidays and Family Schedules

Families with school-age children may need to consider school holidays when planning their Vietnam family tour. It is essential to find a balance between school schedules, availability of parents' vacation time, and the ideal time to visit Vietnam. By considering these factors, families can maximize their time together and create memorable experiences during their Vietnam family tour.


If you are looking for an unforgettable family vacation, Vietnam is the perfect destination for you. With its breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and diverse culture, Vietnam offers a wide range of family-friendly activities and attractions. By booking a Vietnam family tour package, such as Vietnam family holiday packages 2024, Vietnam family holiday packages 2023, or Vietnam family holiday packages 2022, you can easily explore this beautiful country with the assistance of reputable Vietnam travel companies.

During your family holiday in Vietnam, you can immerse yourself in the local culture, visit historical sites, and indulge in delicious Vietnamese cuisine. From the bustling city of Hanoi, where you can explore the iconic Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter, to the charming ancient town of Hoi An, known for its lantern-filled streets and vibrant markets, there is so much to see in Vietnam.

One of the highlights of any Vietnam family tour package is a visit to Hue, a city brimming with history and cultural treasures. Explore the stunning Hue Imperial Citadel, cruise along the Perfume River, and discover the ancient tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty. A well-planned hue Vietnam itinerary will allow your family to fully experience the wonders of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Whether you choose to explore the vibrant cities, relax on beautiful beaches, or trek through stunning mountain landscapes, Vietnam offers something for everyone in the family. So, start planning your Vietnam family holiday today and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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