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Vietnam private tour: Benefits, Prices and Best tours in 2024

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
A Vietnam private tour allows you to explore the most unique aspects of the country. Find out the best private tours in Vietnam and prices.

A Vietnam private tour allows you to explore the most unique aspects of the country and enjoy every moment of your trip. Private tours always have well-planned itineraries with long-years experienced local guides leading you through the whole journey. In this article, Sao La Tours will provide you with some of the best private tours in Vietnam in 2023/2024.

Why should you book a Vietnam private tour?

Private tours are more and more sought after in recent years. Here are the reasons why travelers tend to book private tours in Vietnam instead of others:

Private tours are fully customized

When booking a private tour, you have the full freedom to decide what your itinerary will look like. You can choose to add/remove destinations or activities that you don’t want. Instead of following pre-planned tours that are given by the travel company, now you can also be involved in the process of building your own trip. The tour is fully customizable the duration to accommodation, destinations, means of transportation, meals etc.

Vietnam private tours are fully customized just for you

Private tour are fully customized just for you (Source: Collected)

Private tours are flexible

Unlike a group tour, a private tour means that you can choose whenever you want to depart and how long your trip will last. The only thing to keep in mind is that the destinations should be safe and convenient to visit during the time when your tour takes place. For example, you might not want to visit the north of Vietnam in June, July and August, because the weather is hot and sometimes there are unexpected heavy showers.

Moreover, going on a private tour means that you can travel how fast or slow you want. There’s no need to wait or fasten your pace to catch up with others like in a group tour.

Private tours help you learn more about local insight

All of Vietnam's private tours provided by Sao La Tours are led by local guides with a large knowledge of the history, cultural uniqueness and the meaning of each place that you travel to. The local guide will give you useful information that deepens your experience in Vietnam, helping you to understand more about our country.

Private tours are great chance to blend with nature

Private tours are the perfect chance for you to get out there and relax, fully immerse yourself in nature. You can freely get off the beaten path and explore the destination at your own will, even in places where cars or buses can’t reach.

Private tours in Vietnam are the perfect chance for you to blend with nature Vietnam private tour

Private tour are the perfect chance for you to blend with nature (Source: Collected)

Vietnam private tour in comparison with other types of tours


Self-Guided Tour

Private Tour

Small-Group Tour

Guide Throughout

No, but 24/7 support



Group Composition

Only your travel companions

Only your travel companions

Like-minded travelers

Departure Date 

You choose

You choose




More Expensive


Independence on Trip




Itinerary Customization




Primary Tour Types

Walking, Cycling, Driving

Trekking, Climbing, Safaris, Cultural

Trekking, Climbing, Safaris, Cultural

Best Vietnam private tour in 2024 just for you

Luxury Escape Hanoi (Halong – 3 Days/ 2 Nights)

Enjoy your night at the 5-star Melia Hanoi Hotel, and then board the most luxurious yacht that you can find in Halong Bay. This is where you will be served with jazz band entertainment, Michelin star dining and have your own private butler. Reference price is around $295/person.

Vietnam Orientation (8 Days/ 7 Nights)

You will begin your tour in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam, then continue to Danang and Hoi An, and finally end the trip in Ho Chi Minh City. The trip will take you to experience the most visited tourist attraction sites to discover the best of Vietnam. Reference price starts $809/person, with two domestic flight tickets included.

Explore all the beautiful hidden gems in Ho Chi Minh City on your Vietnam private tour

Explore all the beautiful hidden gems in Ho Chi Minh City on your private tour (Source: Collected)

Highlights of South & North Vietnam (10 Days/ 9 Nights)

the South to the North, this is a compact tour that allows you to witness the highlights of Vietnam. You’ll be able to get to know all of the essence that the country has to offer, the Mekong Delta to the charming capital Hanoi and finally the beautiful villages of the minorities in Sapa. Reference price starts $965/person, with a domestic flight ticket included.

Vietnam Discovery (14 Days/ 13 Nights)

This program takes you on an in-depth trip that starts with Hanoi, then visits the world heritage site Halong Bay, and stroll through the spectacular terraced rice paddies in Sapa. Explore the ancient capital city Hue and enjoy your relaxing moments on Hoi An’s beaches. Discover the Mekong Delta and immerse in the bustling life of Saigon. Reference price starts $1.400/per person.

Discover the marvelous scenery in the Mekong Delta Vietnam private tour

Discover the marvelous scenery in the Mekong Delta (Source: Collected)

Throughout Amazing Vietnam (9 Days / 8 Nights)

Explore the amazing Vietnam on a trip that lasts for 9 days. First you will be welcomed at the Hanoi International Airport and stay overnight in a hotel. After breakfast, you will explore a series of tourist attractions in Hanoi, such as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, One Pillar Pagoda, Temple of Literature etc. Depart for Halong bay and enjoy a boat trip to see the grottos, caves and islets.

While in Hue, you will be taken to see Thien Mu pagoda, Imperial Citadel, Thanh Toan Bridge and Dong Ba Market. You also have four more days to explore the best of Hoi An, Danang and Saigon. Please contact Sao La Tours for the exact price of this tour.

A Vietnam private tour can have lots of advantages compared to other types of tours. However, if you haven’t made up your mind about which type of travel that best suits you, just simply contact Sao La Tours or send us a message. We will have everything arranged for you in no time!

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