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What are the most celebrated Holidays in Vietnam?

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
Holidays in Vietnam are an important part of the nation’s culture. On these holidays, you can participate in a lot of special activities.

Holidays in Vietnam are an important part of the nation’s culture. It’ll be a brilliant idea to visit Vietnam right in the middle of a holiday, as you will get a chance to experience the local’s holiday spirit and participate in lots of special activities. In this article, Sao La Tours will introduce to you the most celebrated holidays in Vietnam.

What are Vietnamese holidays?

In Vietnam, holidays are split into two groups: Public Holidays and The Other holidays. On the public holidays of Vietnam, people are granted one or several days off work. Most Public Vietnamese holidays are also the nation’s traditional holidays. The Others vary depending on different regions in Vietnam, and the country doesn't have plans for celebration on these days.

List of Holidays in Vietnam in 2023

  • International New Year's Day: 1 January

  • Tet Holiday: 23 January to 26 January

  • Valentine’s Day: 14 February

  • Hung Kings Festival: 29 April

  • Liberation Day/Reunification Day: 30 April

  • International Labor Day: 1 May

  • Vietnamese Family Day: 28 June

  • Independence Day: 2 September

  • Vietnamese Women’s Day: 20 October

  • Halloween: 31 October

  • Christmas Eve: 24 December

  • International New Year's Eve: 31 December

The most important Public Holidays in Vietnam

Tet Holiday

When it comes to the most celebrated festivals in Vietnam, Tet Holiday should always be on top of the list. The holiday usually occurs between late January and early February, or more precisely, on the first three days according to the Lunar New Year. On this holiday, people usually have a break from work for about one week.

When taking a stroll on the streets of Vietnam these days, you’ll be surprised about all the colorful decorations, flowers, trees and vivid lights. On Tet holiday, Vietnamese have a custom of decorating their houses with daisy flowers, tulips, kumquat trees, apricot or peach blossoms. Unlike any regular day, big cities in Vietnam on Tet holiday are way less crowded and you’ll experience a truly peaceful atmosphere.

Hang Ma Street of Vietnam in Tet Holiday

Hang Ma Street of Vietnam in Tet Holiday (Source: Collected)

International New Year’s Day

International New Year’s Day is also celebrated in Vietnam, just like other modern countries who follow the solar calendar. It’s the first day of January, which marks the beginning of a New Year. The tradition of celebrating New Year on January 1st was introduced when Vietnam was under French colonial rule. Nowadays, it has become a national holiday where students and workers get a day off to gather with friends and family and welcome a new year.

If you visit Vietnam on this occasion, you’ll get to experience pleasant weather and take part in different outdoor activities. In the big cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, countdown parties are usually held, which feature lots of famous Vietnamese singers.

Countdown party in Vietnam on International New Year’s Eve

Countdown party in Vietnam on International New Year’s Eve (Source: Collected)

Hung King Festival

Another important holiday in Vietnam is the Hung King Festival, which aims to show deep gratitude to Hung Kinh – the initiator of the Hong Bang Dynasty in 2879 BC. The festival falls between the 8th and the 11th of March (according to the Lunar calendar) and takes place on Nghia Linh Mountain, which resides in Phong Chau District, Phu Tho Province.

The ceremony of honoring Hung King may last for a couple of days, but the main event will be held on the 10th. The ceremony will start off at the foot of Nghia Linh mountain, making its way to the small temples and finally ending at the High Temple. The festival witnesses thousands of pilgrims from every part of Vietnam.

Hung King Festival takes place on Nghia Linh Mountain in Phu Tho Province

Hung King Festival takes place on Nghia Linh Mountain in Phu Tho Province (Source: Collected)

Liberation Day/Reunification Day

Vietnam’s Liberation Day is celebrated annually on the 30th of April. After long years of atrocious war, in 1975, the northern and southern Vietnam finally reunified into one. During the holiday, the streets of Vietnam are decorated with banners, Vietnamese flags, red flags and neon lights, especially in big cities such as Hanoi, Sai Gon, Da Nang or Hue. National live shows or parades might be held as well. The most important ceremony for Reunification Day takes place in Ho Chi Minh City, which engages thousands of people.

Parades on the occasion of Vietnam’s Liberation Day

Parades on the occasion of Vietnam’s Liberation Day (Source: Collected)

International Labor Day/May Day

Labor Day is also celebrated in Vietnam, just like the other 80 nations in the world. The holiday falls on the first day of May, which is right after Vietnam’s Liberation Day. That’s why people are usually granted 2 to 4 days off work or school when these two holidays take place.

On International Labor Day most offices are closed, but tourism services are still approachable. Vietnamese usually travel or visit their hometowns to gather with friends and family. If you go on a trip to Vietnam on this occasion, you can take part in a wide variety of ceremonies and activities while enjoying favorable weather.

International Labor Day/May Day in Vietnam

International Labor Day/May Day in Vietnam (Source: Collected)

Vietnam National Independence Day

September 2nd 1945 is Vietnam National Independence Day – one of the biggest days in Vietnam. On this day, President Ho Chi Minh proclaimed Vietnam’s liberation from the enemies by reading the Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam at Ba Dinh Square. From that day on, the Vietnamese celebrate this holiday every year with flowers, colorful banners and red flags everywhere on the streets. Locals and tourists can visit the Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, watch the magnanimous parades or colorful fireworks.

Vietnam National Independence Day on September 2nd

Vietnam National Independence Day on September 2nd (Source: Collected)

All of the holidays in Vietnam are celebrated in different ways. If you come to Vietnam during these special holidays, you are sure to have wonderful experiences. Don’t forget to contact Sao La Tours if you have any questions about planning your trip to Vietnam!

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