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What's interesting in a Vietnam local tour?

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
Local tourism is a unique form of tourism and is the current trend. Discover the interesting things of a Vietnam local tour.

Locals are the best experts who can guide you through their country experience. If you are looking for such an amazing tour, you should probably not miss a Vietnam local tour, a trend of discovery travel in Vietnam today.

What is a Vietnam local tour?

A Vietnam local tour allows visitors to experience the daily life of local people. As a result, tourists learn more about the culture, tradition, lifestyle, cuisine, etc. of the indigenous peoples of the region.

A Vietnam local tour allows visitors to experience the daily life of local people

A Vietnam local tour allows visitors to experience the daily life of local people (Source: Collected)

Although this is still a relatively new form of tourism, it plays an important role in Vietnam because the revenue community tourism activities helps local people to have additional income and supports the conservation of local cultural heritages.

All exciting things you should know about Local tour

Close the relationship between tourists and local people

When participating in a Local tour, you will have the opportunity to talk, have meals and work with local people. In other words, you will become a real local and make friends and live with other locals for a few days.

This is definitely a fun experience that will give you lots of memories and connections with other locals or participants, even after the trip. In addition, you may want to enjoy nature as well as understand more about the cultural ​​in a new land. The locals will help you do it.

Preserving national cultural identity and nature

The form of local tourism is developed to encourage local people to consciously preserve the long-standing cultural of the Vietnamese people as well as the nature of the land they live in.

Local tourism encourages local people to preserve cultural values 

Local tourism encourages local people to preserve cultural values (Source: Collected)

In fact, many traditional occupations in Vietnam are gradually disappearing because of little demand despite their deep historical and cultural significance. Therefore, the government is encouraging community tourism to help local people increase their income

Support to improve living standards for local people

Perhaps, you don't know that a community tour not only gives you great experiences but also helps the locals with extra income. And this source of income is really meaningful to them because they are farmers or hard laborers with a low standard of living.

It makes sense when you understand that your trip has indirectly contributed to helping farmers improve their quality of life, health services, education, etc.

4 attractive places for a Vietnam local tour

Tra Que Vegetable Village in Hoi An

Tra Que Vegetable Village is currently a destination attracting many visitors to come and experience organic vegetable growing. This is a method of growing vegetables that has existed since the Nguyen Dynasty. 

This vegetable village is special because it uses clean water in the ground and is fertilized by moss picked up nearby lagoons. Visitors can grow vegetables with the locals or cycle around the streets of this vegetable village to enjoy the fantastic, joyful atmosphere in the vegetable fields.

After experiencing gardening, visitors will also have the opportunity to prepare and enjoy Vietnamese dishes with ingredients that are clean vegetables the garden.

Lac Village in Mai Chau, Hoa Binh 

Nestled in the beautiful Mai Chau valley, Lac village is a popular tourist destination. Coming to Lac village, visitors will enjoy the fresh air of nature here.

Lac village is a popular tourist destination

Lac village is a popular tourist destination (Source: Collected)

In addition, you will have the opportunity to stay in unique stilt houses and learn Thai ethnic culture. And you are probably very excited to try to put on the colorful costumes woven by the Thai ethnic people.

Other interesting collective activities in Mai Chau that you will be able to participate in are stall dancing and campfires in the communal playground as well as enjoying local specialties.

Quynh Son Community Tourism Village in Lang Son

Located in Quynh Son town, Bac Son district, about 80km the center of Lang Son province, Quynh Son Cultural Tourism Village has many caves in the mountain, limestone mountains, beautiful streams, and charming valleys.

This is the place that preserves a long-standing system of historical and cultural relics of the Vietnamese people. Especially Quynh Son communal house - a temple with a lifespan of hundreds of years and Ra Rieng Bridge, which marked the victory of fighting foreign invaders.

In addition, Quynh Son Community Tourism Village is home to the Tay ethnic group that has many unique activities such as: throwing con, swinging, singing Vi, Then singing, Tan Dan dance,...

Con Son community tourism in Can Tho

Con Son is a floating land between the Hau River in Can Tho City. Although it looks pristine, in fact, Con Son is a fertile land, accreted all year round to nurture green gardens.

Con Son is a floating land between the Hau River in Can Tho City

Con Son is a floating land between the Hau River in Can Tho City (Source: Collected)

Visiting this place, visitors will enjoy a peaceful and simple life that is very different the bustle in big cities like Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi.

The locals are very friendly, kind, and hospitable. They will guide you in baking, visiting fish lakes, boating, etc. In addition, you will be invited to try the freshest fruits of this land such as rambutan, longan, and star apple, etc. 

Sao La Tours - The best travel agency provides Vietnam local tours

If you are a traveler who loves to explore, Vietnam local tour is an interesting experience that is worth a try. Not only has vibrant cities and beautiful nature, but Vietnam also has villages that currently preserve many unique traditional cultures.

Don't forget to visit Sao La Tours to discover Vietnam local tours across all regions of Vietnam. 

We use all our knowledge and years of travel experience to help you have a uniquely personal journey. We take care of all your details and guarantee your satisfaction.

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