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Everything you need to know about Vietnam tour booking

Posted By: Sao La Tours / Vietnam Travel Guides
To make sure your Vietnam travel will be as wonderful as you expect, you need to know everything about Vietnam tour booking.

Vietnam is an attractive tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Most tourists visiting Vietnam choose the Vietnam tour booking option that is designed according to their schedule because it is supposed to make the trip more convenient and easier. This article will provide all the useful information you need to know about Vietnam tour booking.

Choosing an honest travel company for Vietnam tour booking

Evaluate their payment method

More and more people are using electronic payment methods, which leads to many online frauds. Thus, to choose the right travel agency for Vietnam tour booking, you need to carefully consider all the payment methods they offer.

Some popular forms of electronic payment today are payment via Internet Banking, e-wallet, payment via electronic payment gateway, etc. 

Whatever payment method you choose, don't forget to save your e-invoice or transaction proof.

Pay a visit to the company’s website

Before booking a tour, you can research in advance about the types of tours, famous destinations, interesting tourist activities, costs for the trip, etc. on the websites of travel agencies.

Many companies also provide photos and videos from the tours they have guided in the past so that you can evaluate the overall quality of their services.

Visit Sao La Tours website to discover famous tourist destinations in Vietnam

Visit Sao La Tours website to discover famous tourist destinations in Vietnam

In addition, an important reason for you to explore the website of a travel agency is that you can contact them directly to receive advice as well as make the tour booking operation that you are attracted to. 

Do thorough research on the feedback of the previous customer

The best way to evaluate the service quality and reputation of a travel agency is to consider customer feedback before contacting the company.

There are many factors that affect the customer service experience. Therefore, it's good to know what types of services are rated positively and what types of services give a bad experience to customers of a certain travel agency.

This information will help you make better booking decisions and enjoy a worthwhile trip.

What to consider before Vietnam tour booking

Flexibility in tour itineraries

There is no guarantee that everything will go on schedule as planned. That's why you shouldn't depend on tour itineraries. Let’s consider tour itineraries a guide to make your trip easier. 

However, you should be open and flexible as needed to stay healthy and in a good mood during the journey.

Internal trips

During the trip, you will probably take time to move from one place to another. Therefore, you should consider Vietnam tour packages that are designed reasonably in terms of time and cost. 

Choose Vietnam tours with locations close to each other to save time

Choose Vietnam tours with locations close to each other to save time (Source: Collected)

The advice is that you should choose Vietnam tours with locations close to each other to save time to experience many interesting activities. Hoian - Danang - Hue tour is a typical tour favored by many tourists.

Pick-up at the airport

Many tourists often worry about airport pick-up when booking a Vietnam tour package.

This is a necessary service for foreign visitors because you will have difficulties in communication, transportation, transactions, and many other problems when you are in a foreign country.

However, it is easier if you are guided by the tour guides of a tour. They will help you book a taxi, arrange the hotel for you to stay, show you nice souvenir shops, etc. Everything is possible in a package tour.

Visa application

To legally enter foreign countries, you definitely need a visa. In the case of a tourist, you are only granted a visa to stay for a certain period of time.

Applying for a Vietnam Visa is usually not too difficult, but it also depends on your personal profile and your home country. 

To apply for a visa to travel in Vietnam, you can apply at the Vietnamese Embassy located in your home country or the Consulate of Vietnam located in the country where you have a nationality.

Inclusion of tour price

Different travel agencies will offer tour packages at different prices. Therefore, you should consider and compare many companies to choose a tour with a reasonable price.

In addition, many travel agencies can customize tour packages according to customer requirements, which results in prices that will vary from the original stated price.

Hotel quality

When traveling for many days, rest is very important because it affects your health and how you feel about the trip.

Hotels with a quality of 4 or 5 stars are the best choice

Hotels with a quality of 4 or 5 stars are the best choice (Source: Collected)

Therefore, do not forget to check the hotel that the travel agency booked for you. Hotels with a quality of 4 or 5 stars are the best choice to ensure a quiet space and comfortable facilities for you to stay in.

Useful tips for Vietnam tour booking

If you don’t have much time

Time waits for no one. Thus, researching everything carefully before booking a Vietnam tour is the best way to have a perfect trip. 

Although a package tour is almost an excellent travel plan for you, you need to find out in advance about the destinations, outdoor activities during the trip as well as the weather of the country to make sure you enjoy every moment of your travel.

If you’ve never traveled outside of your country

The best advice for travelers who have never been abroad being that you need a package tour service. You can find it at travel agencies in the country you want to visit.

An all-inclusive tour with friendly guides will help you with everything from the moment you land at the airport to the moment you finish your trip and return home.

If you want to try different activities

If you are a tourist who does not know anything about Vietnam but still wants to have a lot of experience in this country, you can start researching information on the Internet.

Make a note of all the interesting activities you are attracted

Make a note of all the interesting activities you are attracted (Source: Collected)

Make a note of all the interesting activities you are attracted to and send them to your travel agency. You will get useful advice from the company. Moreover, they will help you add activities to your travel schedule.

Best travel agency in Vietnam – Sao La Tours

With many years of experience leading successful Vietnam tours, Sao La Tours always strives to make your travel more affordable and accessible.

Sao La Tours pays attention to all your details and flexibly customizes your trips to bring you the perfect experience beyond your expectations.

Vietnam tour booking is easy for Sao La Tours’ customers. Visit saolatours for our advice.

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